Which Real Madrid footballer will suffer from Kylian Mbappe’s transfer?

The transfer of Kylian Mbappe to Real Madrid promises to be one of the most controversial and discussed in modern football history. Acquiring such an outstanding talent will undoubtedly strengthen the attacking potential of the “Los Blancos.”

However, this comes at a high cost – abrupt changes to the established lineup and the potential disruption of the team’s existing harmony. How strong will Real Madrid become after the arrival of the Frenchman, and can Carlo Ancelotti’s team compete for titles on all fronts in the upcoming season?

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Vinicius, the left winger

At first glance, Vinicius Junior’s status seems to be the most affected by Mbappe’s transfer. The Brazilian winger has shown phenomenal performance on the left flank of the attack in the current season.

His hat-trick in El Clasico was one of the campaign’s standout moments. However, with Kylian’s arrival, who is accustomed to freely moving across the entire attacking line, Vinicius’ prospects in his favorite position become uncertain.

Carlo Ancelotti will have to find an optimal scheme that allows both star wingers to contribute. One option could be using a 4-4-2 formation with a diamond-shaped midfield, freeing up space for Bellingham as the “number ten.”

However, the level of interaction between Mbappe and Vinicius remains a significant question – after all, the young Brazilian is not Benzema, and the Frenchman is not Cristiano Ronaldo.

Bellingham, the playmaker

The addition of a new superstar to the team can also impact Jude Bellingham’s status. The young Englishman is known to be quite assertive and confident behind the scenes, despite his friendly image. It’s challenging to predict his reaction to the arrival of Mbappe, another bright personality in the squad.

Furthermore, Bellingham’s productivity on the field is likely to decrease due to conflicting interests with Mbappe in the final stage of attacks. Jude is already accustomed to being a goalscorer, and now he’ll have to share some moments with his new partner. Adapting to this new role won’t be easy, despite his previous experience playing with Haaland.

Rodrigo, the right winger

If Real Madrid plays in a 4-3-3 formation with Mbappe as the center forward, Rodrigo will likely be the biggest outsider on the right flank. The Portuguese winger simply won’t find a place in the regular starting lineup.

However, the 4-4-2 option, with Bellingham playing closer to the center and Mbappe and Vinicius on the wings, also seems impractical. Real Madrid risks being physically vulnerable in the knockout stages of the Champions League against top opponents in such a setup.

In any case, Rodrigo, who loves Real Madrid, will be among the main sufferers of Mbappe’s transfer. If an optimal scheme cannot be found, his career in Madrid may be in jeopardy.

Joselu and Endrick, the forwards

Mbappe’s arrival also puts a damper on the prospects of other Real Madrid forwards. Spanish striker Joselu, on loan from Espanyol, is unlikely to shine alongside Mbappe, as the 33-year-old veteran will struggle to compete with the young star forward.

Similar doubts arise in the situation of 17-year-old Brazilian talent Endrick. If Madrid plans to use the youngster as a pure center forward, the space for Vinicius and Rodrigo on the flanks automatically diminishes. Otherwise, a reasonable question arises – why bring Endrick from Palmeiras if there is no intention of fully utilizing him in the starting lineup?

Danger to team atmosphere

It’s worth mentioning another serious risk – the potential disruption of the excellent team atmosphere that has finally developed in Real Madrid. Veterans Toni Kroos and Luka Modric play the roles of patriarchs, Rudiger has bonded with young players, and Courtois contributes to Lunin’s progress.

Unlike his teammates, Mbappe is not accustomed to working exclusively for the team. His egocentrism and ambitions may disrupt the established harmony and provoke conflicts over statuses and roles within the team. Carlo Ancelotti faces an incredibly challenging task – integrating the superstar while preserving a positive atmosphere.

The fate of Mbappe’s transfer to Real Madrid remains one of the main intrigues of this summer. Despite all concerns, Madrid will do everything possible to secure the Frenchman, as otherwise, he risks joining a formidable rival – Barcelona. Ancelotti’s job of integrating the new star into the existing team will undoubtedly be one of the most significant challenges in his remarkable career.

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