Which Type of Mortgage Works for You

Type of Mortgage

The mortgage you pick decides what your financial future will look like for the next ten to thirty years. 

It can tell you how much you’ll have to spend in a month, and how much house you can buy for what money you have available.

Unfortunately, there are many choices to make when it comes to deciding on a mortgage and a lender.

Instead of getting lost in your options, here are the top mortgages and how they may fit your specific situation.

You Like Reliability

Would you prefer to know what payment you’re making every month before you make it?  Do you like the comfort of knowing that your house payment will be the same for the next ten to thirty years, or do you struggle with that idea? 

A fixed-rate mortgage will ensure that when you buy real estate in Toronto, you will pay the same flat payment every month until the loan is paid off.  If you want reliability: this is the one for you.

You Prefer Government Programs

If you’re unsure about private lenders and prefer something more solid, you can trust that government-insured loans may be the right choice for you. 

These mortgages can go through the USDA, the FHA, or the VA to help pick a loan that works for you rather than against you.  This can protect you in the long run since these organizations also often offer help to anyone struggling with the loan.

You Want a Lot of Land or Expensive Property

Are you struggling to find a government loan that can fit what you need?  You want that same level of support, but the amount of money you need exceeds the maximum of a government loan? 

A jumbo mortgage is a great option.  These larger loans press the dollar further and ensure that you don’t have to settle for a smaller property simply because that’s what most loans are catered to.

You Want To Stick To What’s Familiar

Do you want to stick to the type of mortgage that your parents had and that most people think of when they’re talking about mortgages? 

This is an easier answer that helps prepare you for what you want in your mortgage because there are more resources and pieces of information on this mortgage than any other.

In addition, this conventional mortgage can be used on any of your properties and may inspire you to grow.

You Want To Spend Less Now

Are you completely sure that down the line, you’ll make more money, and you don’t mind a loan that will charge you more while it follows that timeline? 

An adjustable-rate mortgage doesn’t pursue what you make, but it does increase how much interest you’ll have to pay over time.

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But, for the first few years, you’ll pay little interest, if any at all, which will give you the chance to pay your house down sooner so that you can reduce how much interest stacks up by the end.  This mortgage is fantastic for anyone eager to grow.