Whiz League, a leading EdTech startup, champions the culinary world

Whiz League - EdTech startup

Whiz League is a leading EdTech start-up that currently offers pre-recorded courses by industry experts and celebrities in the space of fashion, design, entertainment, culinary, hospitality, and entrepreneurship.

It is now set to champion the culinary and hospitality space with 6 new exciting courses under legendary MasterChefs such as Ranveer Brar, Kunal Kapoor, Vicky Ratnani, and Rachel Goenka. 

 Whiz League has become one of the most exciting learning hotspots for food enthusiasts and chefs in India.

Having mastered the art of cooking, these Mavericks have set a high benchmark in the industry. 

“Our vision is for our users to truly master their fields of interests and turn their passion into profession.

We have not only added a plethora of courses by the best in the industry but also made it possible for our learners to possibly collaborate with them via our Whiz Launchpad” share Sonia Agarwal Bajaj & Natasha Jain, Co-founder- Whiz League.  

In addition to the celebrity chefs, the platform also features popular executive chefs from leading hospitality chains such as Chef Anuj Wadhwan and Chef Gaurav Chawla.

From courses that will help one master the world of spices, to healthy cooking to the business of home baking, Whiz League has something for all food enthusiasts, chefs, and aspiring restauranteurs. 

All the courses are online, self-paced, super affordable, and can be accessed from www.whizleague.com or via their app for apple and android devices. 

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