Why affiliate marketing is so hard in 2023?

Affiliate Marketing

Why affiliate marketing is so hard in 2023?

Every time we think of the various ways to monetize an online platform, we encounter affiliate marketing as one the best options.

And it’s true, affiliate programs have been generous enough to share massive profits with millions of people who decide to be brand ambassadors of products and services they believe in. But is this true for everyone?

Let’s have a look and see.

Introducing the the potential of affiliate programs

The popularity of affiliate marketing took off in the wake off the internet in the mid 1990’s. At the start of web 2.0 when the internet was at its infancy, content creators, bloggers and even Youtubers could squeeze out content after content that would rank one way or another on the forefront of search engines.

The market was no way near perfect and easy, but compared to today’s saturated search results; it would be considered paradice for online entrepreneurs.

Affiliate marketing had and still has the potential to turn someone into a dollar millionaire. But it demands more than just a website, a bunch of content ideas and SEO best practices in 2022.

In world where affiliate marketing can be started without investing a single dime, the barrier to enter is extremely low.

This means that competition is fierce for the highest commissions. In thai scenario allo affiliates must keep several marketing tactics in mind.

What we must know about affiliate marketing?

As mention the barrier to enter in affiliate marketing is extremely low for literally anyone. From the neighbour instagram influencer, to the lonely blogger in the cafeteria or a hyperactive Youtuber, almost anyone can get their hands on an affiliate URL and start promoting it on any platform.

While not all companies are so open to accept new applicants, there are a few easy affiliate programs to start out with, where you don’t have to focus on a very narrow niche and can start mass marketing.

Affiliate programs provided by Amazon, Ebay, Sharesale and Fiverr stretch into many different industries, therefore starting out with them would be beneficial to earn your first dollar.

Why its not for everyone?

Despite competition, affiliate marketing is extremely biased towards high authority sites, leading Youtubers and big brands.

As a new affiliate with a blog, its incredibly difficult to start promoting someone else’s product or service.

You’ll be washed away a stream of other popular and established brands that basically take a major cut from all affiliate profits.

This is a common issue with Youtubers, bloggers social media influencers who are at the top of their game.

To be able to compete with them, you’d need to climb the online entrepreneurial ladder. This is why affiliate marketing might not be for everyone despite putting in the extra work and effort.

How can we improve our chances as affiliates?

Depend on your niche and industry, you can decide who you want to sell to. It’s all sales after all, where you need to convince your content visitors of your affiliate product or service’s reliability.

In order to do this, start out with a three of four affiliate programs close to your niche. Mass marketing is fine if you want to work with broad ranges of products like with Amazon Affiliates.

But if you want to stick to your industry, niche marketing over mass marketing is a good way to stay on track with what you know.

Do not refrain from sharing knowledge through ultimate guides, tips and tricks and how-to’s in order to help people out with their daily concerns.

People seeking a solution to their problems are much more likely to make a purchase at the end of the day. Just make sure you’re promoting affiliate links that you not only believe in, but are also beneficial for the end-user.

Final remarks

Affiliate marketing in 2023 is extremely challenging with a low barrier to entry and very high competition. In order to mitigate this, one must promote affiliate links they truly believe in through niche marketing.

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