Why Age Verification is Essential for Digital Businesses?

Age Verification

Why Age Verification is Essential for Digital Businesses?

Today, digital products are not for adults anymore. Kids find their way online and become interested in playing online games, reading ebooks, or watching videos. That’s when problems arise.

How can we ensure that kids under a specific age aren’t exposed to adult material? How do we know they aren’t tricked into entering personal information online? Let’s find out why this is so important in your business.

What Is Age Verification?

Age verification confirms whether someone is over the required legal age to consume a product or service.

This may be for products or services intended for adults or those only available to people over a certain age. It can also be used to prevent children from accessing adult content.

How Does Age Verification Work?

Here’s how. When someone visits your website or mobile app, they enter their date of birth to complete a buy or sign up for something like a newsletter.

You then pass that information through an algorithm to determine whether they meet the requirements set out by law.

You can also use other methods such as asking them questions about their age, requiring them to show ID, or using facial recognition software.

Online age verification technologies use various methods to identify a customer’s age and location. After confirmation, they can allow access to an online service or app. These methods include:

  • Biometrics. A customer’s fingerprint or facial scan is used to verify their identity. This makes it difficult for someone else to impersonate them without their knowledge. Biometrics can also confirm that someone is over 18 years old before allowing them access to explicit content online.
  • IP address. The IP address of your computer can tell us where in the world you’re located. This helps to verify your age before allowing access to a website or app.

Why Should You Verify Age in Digital Business?

You might be wondering why you need to verify the age of your customers. Well, there are many reasons why this is important.

As a digital business, you could face severe consequences if you don’t verify the age of those visiting your site or app. Here are some reasons why you need to confirm the age of those who visit your site:

Preventing Fraud

The first and most clear benefit of age authentication is fraud prevention. The growth of online businesses has led to increased online scams. Criminals are looking to exploit people’s desire to gamble their money away.

Criminal gangs have been known to set up fake gambling sites, which can be difficult for consumers to spot unless they know what they are looking for. These sites often use stolen credit card details and other personal data as part of their scam.

Age verification helps prevent these scams by ensuring that only those over 18 can access the site or register an account with your business. When it comes to verifying someone’s age online, you have a few options at your disposal:

  • Using facial recognition technology
  • Checking their credit score
  • Comparing their IP address with their home country
  • Verifying their address

Maintaining the Reputation of Your Brand

When people can’t trust your brand, they won’t use it. And if they don’t use it, then your business will fail. This is especially true for digital companies that rely on user-generated content to make money through advertising or other revenue-sharing agreements.

If someone finds inappropriate content on your site like pornography or hate speech, they won’t trust your brand anymore.

They will think twice before visiting your website or purchasing anything from you. This is because they don’t want offensive material to pop up later.

You need to be proactive about keeping your site safe for everyone by implementing age verification solutions into your website.

Compliance with the Law

Age verification is necessary because it helps you to follow various laws that are in place. For example, if you run an e-commerce website, you must follow regulations like COPPA (Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act).

The law mandates websites that deal with children’s data. This ensures that they have consent from their parents before collecting such data from them.

Also, there are laws like GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation). This law tracks companies that collect personal information from EU citizens to protect this data from misuse. Only those who need it for their business operations should use that data.

Strengthens Customer Trust

If you want your customers to keep coming back, make sure they trust you and know that you’re doing everything in your power to keep them safe.

Verifying age helps strengthen this trust because it shows that you’re doing specific measures to protect your customers’ data and overall safety.

Protection From Liability Risks

Another reason age verification is necessary for digital businesses is that it protects them from liability risks. In most countries, it’s illegal for websites to sell products or services to minors without parental consent.

Suppose an underage user purchases on one of your websites using a credit card or Paypal account in their name, and you don’t have an age verification system in place. In that case, you could face legal repercussions if they turn out underage when they try to buy.

Creating a Safer Environment for Children

Age verification is important for digital businesses. As we all know, children are very vulnerable and they cannot protect themselves from all the dangers of the cyber world. Thus, we must take responsibility for providing them with a safer online environment.

There are various ways in which age verification can be done. The most common method is checking the customer’s birth date or passport details.

But, this method is not foolproof as there are many ways a person can get around these checks by using fake documents or even lying about their age.

To overcome these challenges, many age verification solutions are available in the market today. These help you verify whether your customer is over 18 or not.

Wrapping Up

As more and more businesses start online, age verification plays a big role and significance in the industry. More websites are implementing this process for better business management.

Many solutions for age confirmation will make the process swift and hassle-free. It all depends on your business needs.

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