Why Automatic Doors Can Be Beneficial to Your Building

Why Automatic Doors Can Be Beneficial to Your Building

Doors are one of the most important parts of any building. No matter how much thought and design goes into the building’s appearance, the proper function of the doors is critical both for exit and entry, as well as to keep the building both safe and practical.

Depending on what kind of building it is, meaning either who lives there or what business is conducted inside, the type of door also matters.

Some buildings are perfectly fine with a push or pull door, but others benefit from having a sliding automatic door.

If you’re either planning the construction of a building to hold your business or thinking about remodeling, the type of door you choose should be something to consider.

Especially if you’re wondering whether it’d be worth it to invest in an automatic door. Here are some ways that automatic doors can contribute to the effective operation of any building.

ADA Compliance

One of the most important reasons to consider automatic door systems is to ensure accessibility to all of your clients and customers who use wheelchairs, crutches, walkers, or any other form of mobility aids.

Not only is this important because you want them to be able to enter safely, but it’s also the law. Should your building fail to meet ADA requirements you could be charged thousands of dollars in money until it is.

Having automatic doors installed will provide safe, adequate access to the building in order to help you comply with the law and to make sure that everyone who needs to enter your building can do so easily and on their own.

While any facility can benefit from this aspect of automatic doors, places with a high percentage of disabled clients will see even more benefits from them, such as doctor’s offices, hospitals, or therapy institutions.


Heavy swinging doors are a common reason for injuries whenever someone gets their hand caught in them or fails to move out of the way fast enough. Someone may be carrying a large armful of items and without anyone around to open the door for them they struggle to do it themselves.

There may be a child accompanying an adult and the adult is having trouble with keeping the heavy door open long enough for the child to pass through.

Whatever the case may be, an automatic door will open hands-free and remain open hands-free until the doorway is cleared, giving you a big boost in safety and efficiency.

Reduced Wear

Any commercial door will see heavy regular use throughout the business day, especially if the establishment is a popular or important place for a lot of people.

This can create a strain on the door through simple wear and tear, though on traditional doors more so since stress is being applied to the hinges, weatherstripping, and latches.

Should the door be left to swing closed, the resulting slam could also do damage merely because it’s a heavy impact on the door and the wall.

Automatic doors can reduce the stress on your entrances and exits simply because there’s no way to slam them shut and they remain open until everyone is through. This reduces the number of times the doors might open and close, saving on wear and tear.

Energy Efficiency

It seems that every hinged door gets propped open from time to time, often when employees or visitors are making several trips in and out in a short time or when the weather turns hot and the need for a breeze grows desperate.

The entire time that the door is propped open, your climate-controlled air from inside is escaping outside and running up your energy bill since your air conditioner can’t turn off.

With automatic doors, the need for such shortcuts is eliminated, and the door remains fully closed when it’s not in use and open whenever approached. This means that no matter the number of trips required, you always have a way to get back in even if your arms are full.

There are countless details to think about when building or renovating a facility or business. Along the way, you’ll find little things that can make a big difference in your building’s usefulness and value.

A great example is what type of door you have versus what type of door you should have. Automatic doors are a great example of how construction or remodeling can make your building a better place for you, your employers, and the visitors passing through your doors each day.

Automatic doors provide ease of entry for everyone no matter their situation while also reducing the wear and tear your doorway goes through every time the door is opened or closed.

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Deciding to install or replace an automatic door means having a safer, more energy-efficient method of entry and exit.