Why do brands need to leverage social media integrated PR for maximum outreach during the festive season?

Anindita Gupta_Co Founder_Scenic Communication

Why do brands need to leverage social media integrated PR for maximum outreach during the festive season?

By Anindita Gupta, Co-founder, Scenic Communication: It is that time of year when the festivities begin. And this year will be remembered as a one-of-a-kind holiday season due to the pandemic’s long-term impact.

Consumers are predicted to be cautious in their category selections due to economic uncertainties. Value-seeking behaviour is on the rise, with a preference for trustworthy brands.

Brands must encourage customers and into their consideration set on media channels where consumers spend a lot of time.

Rather than simply having a name on their receipts, being active on various platforms allows you to communicate with customers beyond their transactions, demonstrating that you actually care about their business.

Brands that successfully use social media have the advantage of constantly being a part of the online discourse.

They not only have direct access to customers, but they also have the ability to brand themselves as industry experts by providing useful and relevant material.

One of the most important advantages of social media for businesses during the festive season is the opportunity to engage with customers.

Build an inbound strategy that unites your social media and public relations teams around shared goals, and success is sure to follow this festive season.

Coordination of your business’s social media, public relations, inbound marketing, and creative initiatives can only strengthen your entire brand strategy.

Using the same strategy across platforms to attain the same goals may complement and support your efforts while also allowing you to reach a larger audience.

Furthermore, employing social media allows you to build and nurture your consumer connections. With digital acceleration like never before, mobile is the place to go for discovery, inspiration, and purchase.

The Facebook family of applications, with their broad reach and deep penetration, provides the potential for marketers to be found in novel ways.

Approximately 80% of Gen Z and Millennial shoppers think Facebook and Instagram affect their holiday shopping.

Here are how brands can leverage social media integrated PR for maximum outreach during the festive season:

Messaging of Brand

The festive season is around, so ensure that your integrated approach is built on a solid foundation of clear, consistent messaging that is suited to your consumer profiles.

All aspects of your strategy should be based on the same aims and objectives, and they should be carried out throughout both your public relations and social media marketing initiatives.

Create content that will appeal to your customer personas and address their celebration and joy at each stage of this festive season.

Strategic media relations and influencer marketing

During this festive season it is time to develop concrete steps to achieve your objectives through media relations and influencer marketing.

Press releases, social media material, events, blogs, and curated content are all common ways for public relations professionals to get their companies in front of customers.

Reusing marketing materials into possible PR materials, such as using content from a featured piece, may broaden brand awareness and position your business as a thought leader.

These strategies serve to build the brand as an industry specialist and portray it favourably. Social media makes it easier to engage customers with sponsored content.

Influencer marketing strategies may assist public relations professionals in developing and maintaining connections with brand supporters who can reach an audience in a genuine, one-of-a-kind way.

An effective social media campaign

The majority of polls and market research show that 77% of consumers prefer to purchase online during the festive season.

Due to the ability to browse a variety of possibilities while purchasing online throughout the holiday season, this number rises even more.

Because of this, social media networks are essential for advertising your brand. Brands should have a strong social media campaign in place, by developing seasonal marketing campaigns to increase the reach of your product through well-known influencers, brand awareness will be improved.

User reviews, promotional discounts, and side-by-side comparisons should all be utilised to advertise items on social media and boost website traffic.

Small, medium, and large businesses, regardless of size or level of finance, are continuously looking for goods that appeals to their target market.

To do this, the brand must distinguish itself from rival items. An effective public relations and communication integrated with social media strategy may enhance sales and stamp a brand’s identity in the minds of its customers, in addition to keeping them trendy in the market during this festival season.

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