Why do people love sir walter buffalo grass


Sir Walter Buffalo Grass has become an increasingly popular choice among homeowners and landscapers in Australia due to its durability, low maintenance needs, and attractive appearance and all the leading dealers like Sydney Lawn And Turf agree to this fact. We explore why so many people appreciate Sir Walter Buffalo Grass in this blog post.

Sir Walter Buffalo Grass is popular with people for its drought tolerance. This means it can withstand extended dry weather without needing regular watering – an invaluable quality in Australia, where water restrictions often exist.

This type of grass also boasts deep root systems to access deeper soil layers for moisture, as well as dense growth habits which reduce water loss through evaporation.

Low Maintenance

One reason people appreciate Sir Walter Buffalo Grass is its ease of maintenance. Unlike some other varieties, it does not need frequent mowing, fertilizing or watering; its slow growth means less frequent mowing is necessary compared to other grasses; additionally it uses less fertilizer which makes it an environmentally-friendly option and can repair itself if damaged, reducing replacement needs over time.

Eye-Catching Appearance

Sir Walter Buffalo Grass stands out with its eye-catching appearance, making it a top choice among both homeowners and landscapers alike.

Boasting deep green hues with soft textures that are pleasant underfoot, its thick growth habit creates lush lawns. Furthermore, its excellent weed resistance helps it keep its desirable looks.


Sir Walter Buffalo Grass is an adaptable grass, used across a range of environments – residential lawns, commercial landscaping projects, sports fields and parks are just a few options it’s suitable for.

From tropical climates to temperate zones in Australia – Sir Walter Buffalo Grass thrives in both full sun and partial shade environments and therefore makes an excellent addition for gardens with mixed sunlight levels.

Resistant to many common pests and diseases

Sir Walter Buffalo Grass is known to be resistant to many common pests and diseases that plague other types of grass, such as armyworm, webworm and cutworm – common Australian pests – and diseases, like dollar spot, brown patch and Pythium blight; thus making it an ecologically friendly option.

This allows it to require less treatment with pesticides or fungicides for its care than alternative types of grass.


Sir Walter Buffalo Grass is an ideal choice for homeowners and landscapers in Australia for many reasons, such as its drought tolerance, low maintenance requirements, attractive appearance, pest-and disease resistance as well as its environmental friendliness.

Sir Walter Buffalo Grass offers all these characteristics, plus more; making it a highly sustainable grass option!

If you want a durable low maintenance grass that looks great while remaining environmentally-friendly then Sir Walter Buffalo Grass should definitely be considered!

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