Why do we Choose Bamboo Cosmetic Packaging instead of Plastic?


When it comes to the packaging of beauty products, it is super critical for brands to ensure that the packagings are eco-friendly and safe for products like creams, serums, lotions, and more.

Most brands today use plastic packaging for their products. Though there are various reasons to choose plastic, such as longevity, robustness, and lightweight design, it is not eco-friendly.

Yes, brands use recyclable plastic, such as PP, PE, and PET, for making the packaging, but they are still not eco-friendly as they do not decompose whatsoever. So, there is a need for more eco-friendly packaging options, and bamboo seems to be the best solution.

Bamboo is a highly renewable resource as it grows extremely fast – up to four feet per day! Also, bamboo does not require any pesticides or fertilizers for its growth, making it even more eco-friendly. Plus, when compared to plastic, bamboo is definitely more sustainable.

There are many firms in the world that are working towards making sustainable cosmetic packaging, and ThreeBamboo is one of them. In the article, we will take a close look at some of the reasons to choose Bamboo instead of plastic.

What are the drawbacks of using plastic as cosmetic packaging?

Being a B2B business, it is necessary to ensure that all your products are made from safe materials. Here are reasons not to choose plastic for cosmetic packaging!

It is not eco-friendly

One of the prime reasons for not choosing plastic for cosmetic packaging is eco-friendliness. Plastic, unlike bamboo, is not at all eco-friendly. It does not decompose easily and can harm the environment.

Thus, increasing the carbon footprints. Though brands use the safest plastic variants like PE, PP, and PET plastic for making the packaging, they are recyclable, but they are not eco-friendly.

Not fit for long-term use

If you are looking for cosmetic packaging that can be used for a long time, plastic is not the right choice.

Plastic packs are durable but might cause damage to the product in the long run. Also, they are prone to scratches and wear and tear. Thus, making them unfit for long-term use.

Moreover, plastic packaging is not fit for storing all types of cosmetics products as some of them might damage the packaging too.

May leach with highly acidic products

Just carrying forward the previous point, when it comes to storing cosmetics, we need to be very careful about the packaging as some products are very acidic in nature.

If these products come in contact with plastic, they might leach out of the plastic and mix with the product. This leaching might cause skin irritation or rashes. Moreover, it can also damage plastic packaging.

The danger for wildlife and marine life

Plastics, especially microplastics, are extremely harmful to wildlife and marine life. They often end up in the bodies of animals, causing them to starve or choke to death.

Also, when these animals decompose, the plastic does not decompose with them and continues to pollute the environment. This is a bit of a higher-level threat, but we need to ensure that this does not happen.

Why prefer Bamboo over plastic?

Here are some chief reasons why you should choose Bamboo over plastic!

Eco-friendly: When it comes to bamboo, it is one of the most eco-friendly materials. It grows extremely fast and does not require any pesticides or fertilizers for its growth. Moreover, it decomposes very easily and quickly, making it extremely safe for the environment.

Sustainable: Bamboo is a highly sustainable material as compared to plastic. As we all know, plastic takes hundreds of years to decompose, whereas bamboo takes just a few months. Also, bamboo can be grown and harvested multiple times without damaging the environment.

Lightweight yet strong: Another reason to choose bamboo over plastic is that it is very lightweight yet strong. This makes it perfect for cosmetic packaging as the products are often very delicate.

How to replace plastic with bamboo?

Replacing plastic with bamboo is not tough. However, you need to take dedicated actions. To ensure that your product line is safe for the environment and is also functional, make sure you begin with the following!

Use the bamboo cap to replace the plastic cap

The bamboo cap is environmentally friendly, sturdy, and can be used for a long time. Also, it is available in various designs that can give your product a luxurious look. At ThreeBamboo, we have various methods to provide bamboo products with a customized look.

Bamboo can be produced in containers filled with power products

Bamboo can also be used for power products like eyeshadows and blushes. You just need to get a bamboo container, fill it with the product, and screw on the bamboo cap. That’s it – your product is now safe and sound in an eco-friendly container!

Assemble with a plastic bottle to reuse the bottle and increase the rate of the plastic bottle

You can also use a bamboo cap to assemble with a plastic bottle. Doing so will help you reuse the plastic bottle and also increase the rate of recycling the plastic bottle. This is an effective way to ensure that you use the plastic packaging for a long while using bamboo too.

What are the features of Bamboo cosmetics packaging produced by ThreeBamboo?

Well, as you are well aware of the benefits of bamboo cosmetics packaging, here are some features that are surefire to be a part of ThreeBamboo bamboo products.

  • Eco-friendly: It goes without telling that bamboo is an eco-friendly product. Unlike plastic, bamboo is a sustainable resource that can be replenished quickly. Also, bamboo does not release any toxins when it decomposes, making it safe for the environment. One of the best things about bamboo is that it can be easily reduced into tiny bits. This way, its decomposition rate increases by a giant factor.
  • Durable: Bamboo is a very strong and durable material. It is often used in construction because of its strength. This makes it an ideal material for cosmetic packaging as well. You can be sure that your products will be safe and sound in bamboo packaging. It will be surprising for you to know that plastic is three times stronger than steel in terms of weight-bearing capability.
  • Portable: Bamboo is a very light material. This makes it easy to carry around. You can take your bamboo packaging with you wherever you go without feeling weighed down.
  • Long-lasting: Bamboo is a very long-lasting material. With proper care, your bamboo packaging can last for years. While using bamboo packaging, you need to ensure that it does not come in contact with any moist element. Moreover, you also have to ensure that you do not keep it in a moist environment.
  • Aesthetic: Bamboo has a very appealing look. It has a natural grainy texture that gives it a luxurious look. You can be sure that your products will stand out from the rest when you use bamboo packaging.
  • Renewable: As bamboo is a renewable resource, you can be sure that it will not run out anytime soon. You can use bamboo packaging without worrying about the environment.


We have provided you with all the reasons why bamboo is the best choice for cosmetic packaging. Now that you know about the benefits of bamboo, it is time for you to take action and replace your plastic packaging with bamboo.

It is high time we save our environment from the harmful effects of plastic! Visit ThreeBamboo to find out more about our bamboo products.

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