Why do your parents need an eye- check-up today!

eye- check-up

Why do your parents need an eye-check-up today?

Is a question that we always ask ourselves? Well, in comparison with the routine of regular body check-ups, eye check-ups are always given less priority.

People tend to neglect their eye healthcare which ultimately ends up being a huge mistake. Eye specialists often recommend annual eye check-ups, especially for adults and more so for senior citizens. It is essential that adults go for a regular eye test to ensure good eye health. Well the answer

The reason doctors often recommend eye examination at least once a year is because it helps detect any possible eye problem at an early stage before it develops into something very severe and cannot be treated.

Since eye problems tend to increase with age, it is recommended that adults pay an annual visit to the eye specialist for eye tests.

As experienced eye care specialist, we doctors at Eye Align suggests adults prioritize their vision and eye healthcare to prevent the risk of developing eye health problems.

Here are some reasons why we feel your parents need an eye- check-up immediately if it has been done for over a year now.

The reason why your parents need an eye- check-up today

Ophthalmologists or eye care specialist suggests that adults above the age of 55 must undergo an annual eye exam to check for any potential eye or vision problems.

This way, doctors can thoroughly examine the retina, optic never, and other eye parts to diagnose potential problems and provide early treatment.

Here is what an annual eye check-up can help detect when it comes to testing the eyes of adults or senior citizens


A cataract is one of the most common eye problems detected among adults and senior citizens as their age advances. It is important that you get your parents tested annually for such eye conditions.

Early detection of cataracts and identifying the early symptoms can help with precautionary measures and treatment for the same.

You must look out for signs such as blurry, cloudy, or hazy vision, which is most common in this condition. In case of such signs or symptoms, do get an appointment with an eye specialist for a quick eye check-up.


Glaucoma is an eye condition that often doesn’t get detected quickly. It is known as a silent killer giving no signs and symptoms of this eye disease.

However, it has the impact of damaging optic never and, in the most severe condition, can also lead to partial or total blindness.

Some symptoms that your parents should look out for are sudden pain or redness of the eyes, severe headache, nausea, etc. under such circumstances, we strongly recommend you visit the eye specialist for a quick test.

Diabetic Retinopathy

Diabetic retinopathy is an eye disease caused due to high blood sugar levels due to diabetes.For parents who have diabetes, you must get their eyes tested frequently.

This is because health issues like diabetes are known to weaken immunity and also affect vision. So, taking eye check-ups more seriously and undergoing regular eye tests for parents, especially those suffering from diabetes, is important.

This will help keep a tab on the weakening vision, and measures can accordingly be taken to prevent maximum damage.

Macular Degeneration

Macular degeneration is a condition wherein the macula, also known as the central part of the retina, degenerates, resulting in loss of vision.

This is a vision condition that occurs in adults, especially among senior citizens. For those reasons, it is also called age-related macular degeneration.

There are typically two types of age-related macular degeneration, wet and dry. The common symptoms of this condition are blurry vision, visual distortion, difficulty in adapting to low light levels, difficulty in reading, etc.

In order to prevent the worsening of the condition, parents must be taken to an eye specialist for an eye check-up to diagnose the condition and for further treatment.

Corneal Disease

Corneal disease may include different eye diseases related to the cornea, which is the outmost layer of the eyes.

It is a serious condition that can result in blurry, clouding, and distortion of eyes that can ultimately lead to blindness. The cornea usually can repair itself after injury or disease.

However, in very serious conditions like an infection, or degenerative diseases, appropriate diagnosis and treatment are required.

For these reasons, it is very important that under this serious condition, an experienced ophthalmologist must be consulted for treatment of the eye condition relating to corneal disease.

Double Vision-

Double vision is, also known as medically termed Diplopia, is an eye condition where a person double image of an object.

Although may be a temporary issue but if prolonged and over a period of time can be an indication of some serious underlying problem.

There could be a diabetic history, eye injury, or eye muscle trauma that could be the reason behind this condition.

Such an eye condition requires diagnosis and appropriate treatment from an ophthalmologist. Take your parents for an annual eye check-up tothe best eye specialist like Eye Align and insist on prioritizing such treatments for early diagnosis and quick treatment, or else it could result in severe eye damage eventually.

Final Thought

Parents and elders advancing their age need to undergo a comprehensive eye check-up annually to ensure their eye health is good.

This is absolutely essential to detect any eye disease in the early stage and get treatment to prevent vision loss.

Adults from the age of 55-65 need should go for an eye check-up annually or, if not, at least twice a year. Whereas those who are above 65 must undergo an eye test every year without fail.

Again those who have a family history of eye conditions must also ensure an annual eye check-up to be on the safer side.

The eye test must include eye exams such as testing of eye pressure, refraction, visual field, and dilated retina exam, to name a few.

These eye tests and eye exams will examine the visual acuity, depth perception, and eye alignment to verify that vision and eye alignment are normal.

The eyes are delicate and need proper attention. With ageing, the eyes definitely need to be prioritized and taken care of at all times.

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