Why Email Marketing Automation Matters for your Business to Grow in 2020?

Why Email Marketing Automation Matters for your Business to Grow in 2020

Do you want to reduce high marketing operational costs? Trying to find out ways to manage your resources more efficiently? Are you looking for a single software to replace manual email marketing efforts?

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A Marketing Automation Platform can actually help you simplify processes and expand your business.

With emerging technologies and evolving business trends, such a platform not only makes it cost-effective but also time-saving for any business in terms of overall operations.

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For instance, after the introduction and use of an automation platform, the Lead conversion time for 63% of startups reduced by 52%.  

There was an increase in revenue by 175% through the use of Marketing Automation Software. Interestingly, the sales qualification rate for India based went up by 400% primarily because of Marketing Automation.

Marketing Automation in India

According to the  B2C Marketing Automation Report 2017 by Research NXT and Netcore, “All You Need to Know about Marketing Automation”, India is at the stage of Marketing Automation where the US was three years ago.

Today, Marketing Automation Solutions [MAS] is now picking up as an integral part of the Digital Marketing Industry as well. 48% of Indian marketers decided to have MAS in their marketing strategy in 2017.

India holds the third position in the use of MAS in 2018. 10% of Indian marketers allocate 8% of their marketing budget to MASS.

These are some interesting insights to understand the current trend and to predict the future market flow.

This also helps us understand the criticality of investing in the automation segment to ensure that we match pace with our global competitors as well.

Marketing Automation is the smartest, strategically feasible and suitable way to make your business grow fast and expand faster.

Ways in which Marketing Automation helps you

  • Reduces marketing time, cost and brings about standardization in processes.
  • Provides instant and impartial feedback reducing internal politics and increasing efficiency.
  • Eliminates the repetitive mundane tasks and processes allowing more scope for creativity.
  • It helps you develop a clear marketing strategy and build processes around it.
  • Enables you to target potential customers across channels.
  • It makes it easy to run ongoing A/B tests.
  • Customer lifetime value through up-sells and cross-sells.
  • Creates  large scale targeted marketing campaigns in minimum time by optimizing on social media resources
  • Enables you to stay organized by scheduling social media posts and campaigns in advance.
  • Keeps the CRM data up to date.
  • It provides in-depth market analysis to analyze where you need to put in more effort.
  • You can track potential customers and prioritize leads.
  • You can roll out referral programs for loyal customers

Standardization and implement marketing automation campaigns, you need a one-stop solution for automating all your email marketing processes so that you can focus on your core business functions.

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