Why handwritten letters for non-profits are better than email?

handwritten letters

When was the last time you received a personalized handwritten letter in your mailbox? Chances are, you’ll have a hard time recalling, as handwritten notes and letters have become increasingly rare in today’s digital age.

According to the Postal Regulatory Commission, the average American receives only ten personal mails in a year.

The scarcity of handwritten messages makes sending them a truly exceptional way to convey a message.

For nonprofit organizations seeking support in their endeavors, sending out handwritten personalized nonprofit direct mail is an excellent idea. Here’s why:

  • Creates an instant positive impact: If you represent a nonprofit organization or a charity, personalized donor letters will always leave a lasting impression. Targeted donors and supporters will see this as an exceptional way of reaching out, creating a memorable experience that benefits your organization.
  • Showcases creativity in a unique way: Formal correspondence doesn’t have to be dull. Sending personalized handwritten donor letters provides a significant advantage when most organizations rely on generic emails and electronic messages.
  • A handwritten letter serves as an excellent platform for showcasing your nonprofit organization’s character and values. From selecting the type of card or paper to choosing a design and ink color, a personalized letter is an easy yet valuable way to express what your organization is all about.
  • Stands out from the rest: The nonprofit sector has experienced significant growth in recent years, with over 10 million organizations worldwide. With such a vast number of nonprofits globally, capturing the attention of potential donors and retaining existing benefactors has become a major concern.
  • To increase engagement and stand out from the crowd, taking a different approach from digital platforms can work wonders. Finding innovative ways to connect with your audience and secure valuable donations and support is invaluable. This is where personalized letters and notes can be a game-changer.
  • Builds a foundation of trust and fruitful relationships: Going the extra mile of sending out handwritten cards to donors and supporters easily builds trust, leading to meaningful and fruitful relationships.
  • The time and effort invested in creating personalized letters translate into providing value and importance to donors.
  • Any nonprofit organization can benefit from investing in handwritten notes and letters while building trust, especially with first-time donors who may not yet be fully aligned with the organization’s objectives.
  • Powerfully expresses gratitude: Saying “thank you” can be done in various ways, but expressing it through an email or digital messaging platform often lacks the essence of genuine gratitude. Sending a personalized handwritten letter demonstrates that your organization recognizes and values support, translating into an authentic expression of gratitude.
  • This fosters long-term and meaningful relationships between nonprofit organizations and benefactors, forging personal connections.
  • Perfect platform to ask for donations: Handwritten letters for appeals and requests for donations provide an important platform to demonstrate a desire to connect on a personal level. Donors feel valued when engaged with your organization’s mission.
  • Making an effort to build a personal connection with donors significantly increases the chances of securing their unwavering support and donations.

In a digital world where impersonal communication is the norm, handwritten letters hold immense power.

By utilizing this exceptional medium, nonprofit organizations can create a lasting impact, stand out from the competition, express gratitude, build trust, and secure valuable donations.

So, consider incorporating personalized handwritten letters into your organization’s outreach strategy for a truly meaningful and effective approach.

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