Why is Healthy Food So Expensive (Top 5 Reasons)

Why Is Healthy Food So Expensive

Eating healthy food and following a balanced diet is age-old advice. Ever since childhood, parents, and teachers in schools have taught us how important it is to eat healthy by increasing the intake of green leafy vegetables and gallons of water in our daily intake.

Most of us, if not all, have thought of changing our unhealthy eating habits at least once in our lifetime.

Benefits Of Eating Healthy

With the ever-rising diseases and other health issues, the focus has been dramatically shifted to make our bodies strong and healthy from the inside. But, of course, you can do this by eating healthy food. And its benefits are many.

1. Lowers Risk Of Terminal Diseases

Eating healthy has lowered the risks of deadly and terminal diseases like cancer. Foods like berries, green leafy vegetables, carrots, pumpkins, and nuts are rich in antioxidants. These antioxidants remove the free radicals in our body, thereby lowering cancer risk.

2. Improves Skin

Proteins, the building blocks of cells and tissues, are necessary to have healthier skin. Like collagen and elastin, these proteins improve skin texture and remove wrinkles.

Vitamin C is essential in creating collagen in your body. Thus, eating fruits rich in citric acid or vitamin C can be your friend if you want to make your skin glow.

3. Better Hair Quality

Not just your skin. Healthy eating also has positive effects on your hair. Proteins, like Keratin (you have probably heard the term ‘Keratin Treatment’ done to the hair), iron, and omega fats improve the overall health of your hair.

Omega-3 and omega-6 are the good fats necessary for the body’s functioning. These can come to your rescue if you have a dry, itchy, and flaky scalp.

But, unfortunately, the body cannot make them. Instead, they have to be taken orally. That is why they are often called ‘Essential’ fats. Foods that are rich in these fats are fish and flaxseeds.

4. Heart Health

A healthy heart makes a healthy body. Studies have shown that heart diseases are the reasons for death in most cases. High blood pressure is a significant concern, leading to cardiac arrest or stroke.

DASH Diet, a kind of diet rich in fruits, vegetables, and whole grains, is an approach many health-conscious people take. Foods rich in saturated fats are limited in this diet, thereby improving heart health.

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5. Better Mood

It has been studied that foods with a high Glycemic Index have adverse effects on both body and mind. On the one hand, they increase the blood sugar level and spike the chances of getting diabetes. But on the other hand, researchers have found out that they can also lead to anxiety and depression.

White bread, sugar-rich foods like cakes, and cereals are some items you should avoid for a happier mind.

6. Aids Weight Loss

This is no secret. Healthier foods with less oil and sugar have lower calories. In addition, healthy foods are packed with proteins and vitamins, missing in processed food.

The nutrients in fruits and vegetables are easily broken down in the body, unlike unhealthy fried food, which is rich in carbs, oil, and saturated fats.

A diet rich in healthy food aids in weight loss by driving out hunger and improving nutritional deficiency.

Reasons Why Healthy Foods Are Expensive

1. It’s All About The Marketing

Most of the healthy foods are in great abundance. So what are they expensive when we buy them? It is all in the marketing strategy of different companies that specialize in healthy food.

Companies that deal in healthy food and products update their plans whenever another diet is introduced in the market. They target people who are likely to adopt the diet that is trending.

For example, customers conscious of their health started buying Keto rice or Cauliflower rice when the Keto diet came to the market.

2. Not Seasonal

Often health-conscious customers buy a particular food, vegetable, or fruit online that is not available in that season. And they are expensive for a specific period.

You might have noticed how the price of Cauliflower soars in a particular season, but after a few months, when winter comes, their price drops very low. The same thing goes for certain fruits, like apples and mangoes.

This is because foods that are not seasonal are not readily found in the market. Their demand in all seasons throughout the year makes them expensive.

3. Online Demand

With technology taking over the world, most people have started buying their groceries online. Unfortunately, with this change, it has been seen that the price of healthy food is way more online than your nearest local market.

Such a leap results from the high quality and convenience that these online sites offer to the user.

4. Organic

You must have heard about the hype for organic food. But unfortunately, organic foods are costly.

This is because they are grown without the use of pesticides.

When farmers grow a particular vegetable without using pesticides and other harmful chemicals, they have to put in extra labor.

As there is an increase in the cost of labor, organic manure, and organic certification, the food price also increases.

5. Rare

Some foods cost more money just because they are rare. Many of these require more labor and human resources for the yield. For example, macadamia nuts, as only the trees that are 7 years old, can produce this.

Final Word

Healthy eating can be affordable at a lower price if there is a change in peoples’ perspective. Healthy eating will not be tedious in your pocket if you adapt yourself to seasonal foods and don’t think of a brand while purchasing a product.

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