Why Make The Seiko 5 Sports Your First Automatic Watch?

Automatic Watch

Why Make The Seiko 5 Sports Your First Automatic Watch?

When shopping for your first automatic watch, the variety of options can be overwhelming. Unfortunately, different watch influencers try to force their personal favorites down your throat without taking into account which watch would be a good place to start your collection.

Furthermore, spending money on a timepiece that is likely less accurate than the phone in your pocket can be difficult to swallow.

I’ve got you covered if you have already decided to own one of the best tiny, self-powered mechanical machines that fit on your wrist.


The Seiko 5 Sports is more than just a watch. Instead, hundreds of watches with various designs and intended uses have featured the iconic shield logo with the 5 in the center.

In addition, the watches were signed in various ways — Seiko 5, Seiko 5 Sports, Seiko Sportsmatic 5, and Seiko 5 Actus — and used a variety of automatic movements.

The Seiko Sportsmatic 5 was introduced in 1963 and heralded numerous innovations. The first was Seiko’s unbreakable mainspring, the Diaflex. Another was Seiko’s response to the Swiss Incabloc system, the Diashock shock-resistant design. Another factor was overall water resistance.

Quality For Price

Another quality that makes Seiko stand out as a brand is its quality and price. Seiko 5 watches range in price from $70 to over $300.

The beautiful and robust rose gold Seiko 5 SRPD76K1 is usually available for around $250. Prices for automatic timepieces are not as low as for Orient watches.

In the mechanical watch world, there’s an unfortunate tendency to believe that “you get what you pay for” and that a nearly $200,000 Patek 5270, for example, is more trustworthy than a simple watch at a more affordable price.

The SNK line has it all: a 7S26 movement with a power reserve of 40 hours that drives a day and date window at 3 p.m.

In addition, it features Seiko’s “Magic Lever” winding system, which means the rotor winds the movement extremely efficiently.

Finally, although it isn’t the most beautiful movement, most Seiko 5s comes with a skeleton case back, which gives new enthusiasts a taste of how entrancing a mechanical movement can be.

Guys Enjoy Their Seiko

There are numerous threads about the Seiko 5 on any of the major watch forums. Many posters are looking to buy, sell, or trade their items.

Some are looking for parts to repair or modify their vehicles. Some look for purchasing advice, while others simply show off their new purchases. In short, the men who adore their Seiko 5s are as diverse as the watches themselves.

The Seiko 5 enjoys high status as a watch. Some may even call it a “daily beater” by some guys. It is available in various styles, from dress to diver and everything in between. This fact, combined with a very appealing price point, allows multiple “beaters.”

Wrapping Up

The Seiko 5’s features and price factor considerably why it is one of the best entry-level automatic watches in the market. As a result, you should get it. Don’t forget to maintain it as well.

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