Why Polycom is The Best Video Conferencing Solution For Your Business

Video Conferencing

In today’s hybrid corporate world, a very substantial amount of work happens over video conferencing. Be it the day-to-day work discussions, client meetings or anything else, video conferencing makes things easier and simpler, especially when team members and clients are dispersed across locations.

Video conferencing is taking place every day across almost all industries. Polycom, with decades of experience in the field of video conferencing, has attained the leader’s position in this domain.

Its RealPresence technology makes its video conferencing solutions a cut above the rest. Which is why most organizations choose to opt for its products and solutions when it comes to excellent video conferencing.

What makes Polycom video conference solution the best

Video conferences are used as a tool to make long distance communication and collaboration possible with simplicity and ease.

Video conferencing requires various devices and equipment such as Wi-Fi for unhindered connectivity, audio and video, display screen, digital whiteboard, etc.

It should also provide ease of operation and be scalable. Polycom video conference solutions solve all these problems at once.

Here are the four most important benefits that make Polycom video conference solutions the best in the business.

Automatic controls – Be it for audio or video, Polycom’s solutions are easy to use. They offer a smart UI design and interfacing can be done with just a touch and gesture control.

Moreover, with their unique Smart Pairing feature, a user gets the power and freedom to control a meeting from his own device, such as a laptop, and can also easily transfer a call from his device to a large display with a single swipe.

Excellent display – Video conferencing is all about great quality video and audio output. The better the display is, the more engaging the whole experience will be.

Which is why Polycom video conferencing technology comes with an excellent and exceptional 1080p60 quality and also maintains a steady connection. Making the most of technology, Polycom gives an unmatched video display experience.

Remarkable interoperability – In video conferencing, interoperability poses a very big challenge. Ask any IT professional and they will agree.

When an organization uses more than one vendor, interoperability becomes a constant concern and can also lead to poor quality video conferencing experiences.

With Polycom’s RealPresence, interoperability comes naturally as the video conferencing solutions are formatted for compatibility with the most common used by businesses for the best collaboration.

Reduced operating costs – Polycom’s RealPresence is beneficial in more ways than one. Owing to its user-friendly and efficient nature, it not only provides the best video conferencing but also offers a low ownership cost.

RealPresence comes with the technical prowess to achieve HD quality with only 50% bandwidth of other available options. Since it offers automatic controls, it also saves hundreds of IT labour hours.

Offering a pragmatic and powerful bouquet of video conferencing solutions, Polycom has become the most respected and trustworthy name in the industry.

Be it desktop collaboration or full room installations, whatever the concern or need is, Polycom always has a solution.

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