Why Restaurants Should Consider Adding Outdoor Dining

Why Restaurants Should Consider Adding Outdoor Dining

The restaurant industry has always been dynamic, constantly evolving to meet the needs and desires of consumers. Outdoor dining has grown in popularity over the past several years as a trend.

As the COVID-19 pandemic has forced many restaurants to re-evaluate their operations, outdoor dining has become even more essential.

In this article, we’ll examine the advantages of outdoor dining and why eateries should consider offering it.

Benefits of Adding Outdoor Dining To Your Restaurant

1. Increased Capacity

One of the most obvious benefits of outdoor dining is increased capacity. By adding outdoor seating, restaurants can accommodate more customers, which means more revenue.

This is particularly important when indoor dining is restricted or limited. By adding outside seating, restaurants can increase their capacity and serve more patrons while adhering to social distance rules if necessary.

2. Improved Ambiance

Customers will have a positive experience dining outdoors, which is great for brand awareness and loyalty.

The beauty of nature, fresh air, and natural light create a serene and calming environment, providing a perfect setting for a relaxing meal.

It is an ideal way to offer a change of scenery to customers tired of eating in traditional indoor settings. This added charm and character can help enhance the dining experience for customers and encourage them to return to your establishment.

3. Enhanced Aesthetics

Outdoor dining also provides an opportunity for restaurants to enhance their aesthetics. By adding plants, flowers, and other outdoor decor, restaurants can create a charming atmosphere.

This makes an excellent impression on customers, which can help to build brand recognition and customer loyalty.

4. Improved Customer Experience

Outdoor dining provides customers with an experience that cannot be replicated indoors. The outside space and tranquil atmosphere make for a more restful and pleasurable meal.

Additionally, outdoor seating allows customers to enjoy their meals while taking in the surroundings and the vibrant energy of the outdoors.

5. Enhanced Safety

During the COVID-19 pandemic, safety has become a top priority for restaurants. Outdoor dining provides a safer environment for customers as it allows for social distancing and fresh air circulation, which reduces the risk of virus transmission.

When making the decision to offer an outdoor dining area, a kitchen pass through window can help restaurants maintain social distancing protocols without any added difficulty getting food to hungry patrons.

6. Year-round Service

Eating outside is an option all year long, depending on the weather and where you live. With the addition of heat lamps and gas fireplaces, restaurants can continue to offer outdoor seating during colder months as well. This provides an opportunity to generate additional revenue when indoor space might be limited.

Tips for Successfully Implementing Outdoor Dining

1. Plan Ahead

Before adding outdoor dining, it is important to plan. Consider your restaurant’s physical space and how outdoor seating can be incorporated.

Also, consider the materials and equipment needed for outdoor seating, such as tables, chairs, umbrellas, heating lamps, and kitchen windows. Creating a thorough strategy for obligatory licensing and insurance concerns is a must.

2. Train Your Staff

Training your staff on effectively serving customers in an outdoor environment is important. Ensure your wait staff is well-versed on the menu items and equipped to serve patrons properly. Train your staff to maintain a clean and hygienic outdoor dining area as well.

3. Offer a Limited Outdoor Menu

To effectively serve customers in an outdoor environment, it can be helpful to offer a limited menu. This can help ensure that food is prepared quickly and that customers are not waiting for extended periods due to the location of their table. Additionally, it can help restaurants save on costs by reducing the need for additional kitchen staff.

4. Advertise Your Outdoor Dining Options

To attract customers to your outdoor dining area, it is essential to advertise your outdoor dining options.

Use social media, email marketing, and other digital marketing techniques to advertise your outside seating alternatives. Consider using new signage to draw in passing cars and meandering passersby as well.

Things to Know Before Adding Outdoor Dining

1. Check Local Regulations

Before adding outdoor seating, it is important to check local regulations to ensure that your restaurant complies with local zoning and building codes. This includes acquiring any required licenses and permits.

2. Consider the Weather

While outdoor dining can be a great way to attract customers and boost revenue, it is important to consider the weather.

Be prepared for rain, wind, and other outdoor elements that can impact your outdoor dining area. Additionally, consider investing in outdoor heating options to keep customers comfortable during colder months.

3. Invest in Quality Outdoor Furniture

Spending money on high-quality outdoor furniture is crucial to create a welcoming and comfortable outdoor dining environment.

Look for durable materials that can withstand outdoor elements and frequent use. You should also be sure to purchase furniture that is easy to clean and maintain.

4. Maintain Hygiene Standards

Maintaining hygiene standards is critical when offering outdoor dining. Be sure to maintain clean and hygienic outdoor seating areas, and consider investing in outdoor hand washing stations to ensure that customers and staff have access to hand hygiene facilities.


Outdoor dining is a trend that is here to stay. It offers numerous benefits, including increased capacity, ambiance, aesthetics, customer experience, safety, and year-round service.

With the addition of a kitchen window, restaurants can maintain social distancing protocols while still serving customers outdoors.

By considering the benefits of outdoor dining, restaurants can expand their operations, enhance their brand, and improve the overall dining experience for their patrons.

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