Why Should Startups Think Branding First?

Startup Branding

Many startups fail due to a lack of funding. Investors most often invest in well-known brands that are on everyone’s lips.

As a result, if you want to fund, you must create a famous brand, which also requires a relatively significant investment.

Today we want to talk about how you can get out of this vicious circle and how to create a successful brand with minimal costs.

Why is it so essential to work on branding?

If your product is successful, you must invest in branding and advertising. It will make your company more recognizable and successful, which means you can get additional profit.

Creating a successful brand can be quite complicated and lengthy, which is why it’s important to get help from a professional branding agency.

You can search for ‘branding agency near me’ on the internet to find companies that specialize in this area. They can help you create a strong brand identity that will boost your business’s visibility.

In this case, you will have more time to build a large audience and attract additional investments and work.

The benefits of hiring dedicated developers are that they can immediately develop software, considering the specifics of building a brand. It allows you to reduce branding costs and instantly create a worthy product.

Visions are visual

Many startups believe that they only need a well-thought-out business plan to create a successful brand. But, practice shows that any product should be well visualized.

So, in addition to tedious documentation, you have to create a beautiful presentation of what the finished product will look like, what functions it will perform, and much more.

A good solution would be to create an MVP that will more clearly demonstrate the capabilities of your product.

Create a good design

It would be best if you spent more time on the UX design project plan. With this, you will be able to create a user interface that is as beautiful and user-friendly as possible.

In addition, a successful brand should have a logo that reflects the main aspects of your company’s work.

If the logo is hastily made or the interface has poor graphics, you may feel insecure when communicating with investors. In addition, people in business do not like to work with raw brands that cannot decide on the company’s slogan.

Try to think through the above aspects as best you can. It will allow you to create a successful and ambitious image that will work for your brand in the future.

Branding is more than aesthetics

Many perceive branding as a purely aesthetic aspect. Nevertheless, we know very well from the example of McDonald’s or Adidas that it is the high quality of products and services provided.

The main task of branding is to create a high level of trust in both potential customers and future investors. So, you need to explain what values ​​​​you will primarily defend and how it is compatible with your image.

You invest in growth, so why not funding?

Many entrepreneurs actively invest in the development of their businesses. It is used at any stage of a project’s life (from creation to introducing new features). However, few people invest money in getting investors.

So, if you invest in developing your brand, it will be much easier for you to attract the attention of new investors. Of course, startup website development is quite expensive, but at the same time, there’s no need to immediately invest a lot of funds.

Try to start by developing an MVP, which will make your product’s development cheaper at the first stage and allow you to test whether users are ready to use your product. Further, it will be more clear whether it is worth investing more in this startup.

Therefore, it makes sense to invest not only money but more time in creating an image. If you actively maintain social networks and go to themed events to discuss your product, you will get a famous brand even with minimal financial investment.

The maintenance of social systems must be as systematic as possible so that you regularly post interesting information here and not dull information.

Align your brand with new products

Your product must be competitive. As a result, before you start working on a brand, you must fully understand the market’s characteristics.

You need to identify the main competitors, compare how your product is better and worse, and what advantages it has.

So, you need to make sure that you make your product no worse, but preferably only more helpful than competitors.

Otherwise, it will be challenging for you to explain to investors that your product deserves their attention.

How can you save?

Practice shows that building a sizable famous brand takes a lot of effort, time, and money. It is especially difficult for companies with limited funding. However, there are several relatively inexpensive ways to do this:

  • actively maintain pages in all social networks;
  • take part in all possible exhibitions, seminars, and events;
  • create an MVP;
  • work on your brand presentation (create a logo, work on graphics, and more).

If you are sure that investors will like your product, you can get additional funds for developing a startup.


Building a brand is a rather complicated process that involves significant financial contributions. If you have a small startup, this does not mean you need to abandon image building; otherwise, you will lose additional investors, and many customers will leave your product in favor of a competitor.

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