Why Some Student Entrepreneurs Struggle With College Assignments?

Entrepreneurs Struggle

Many college teachers believe that students from the startup culture don’t turn in assignments because they do not care enough.

However, there are many other reasons why these brilliant students with an entrepreneurial spirit might fail to turn in their assignments and all they ask from their authority figures is for some grace and humanity.

Here are some other common reasons why some students fail to turn in college assignments on time:

Lack of Resources

One of the biggest reasons that many student entrepreneurs are unable to complete their assignments is that they do not have the resources needed to do them. Most assignments nowadays are to be turned in online which requires the internet and a computer.

While both of these are available for free at a public or school library, it does not mean that students can access them at the right time because they’re tied up with the startup.

A lack of resources also includes not having the money to spare to buy the necessary textbooks for a course or having access to any outside materials that an assignment requires.

College textbooks in the US cost anywhere from $200-$500 a book and some courses even require multiple textbooks.

This can help put into perspective just how much of a problem a lack of resources is for college students when you combine it with student debt.

Too Much Stress

Not everyone has the luxury to only be a student when they are in college. Most, if not all, students have to take on a part-time job or even multiple jobs to be able to afford a college education.

Student entrepreneurs especially work more than 20-30 hours a week besides attending classes that all have homework almost every single day. You are hardly looking for any free time to do homework in.

Conditions like these can make students overly stressed and can leave them incapable of handling an assignment that requires them to think critically about subjects that are not core to their field.

A more surface-level answer to why students do not finish their assignments is that they might have just forgotten about them.

This happens more often than you would think, especially if you factor in all the responsibilities that a student entrepreneur has to juggle at the same time.

If you ever think “I wish someone could be writing my paper right now” while you are working at your job then worry not because this is possible. Just enlist the help of professional writers who can deliver a paper before your deadline approaches.

Sickness or Family Emergencies

Another common reason behind missing assignments is one that many teachers are familiar with and often suspicious of a family emergency.

As much as hardworking students like to joke about this, it is a very real thing that happens to many while in college.

Family emergencies can take a toll on someone’s mental and physical health to the point where they are unable to even get up in the morning so doing an assignment is definitely at the bottom of the list.

College does not stop for those living away from home and suffering which often leads to students asking for a grace period from their professors and instructors. The same is true for general sickness too.

Many students are even forced to come to class while sick because they cannot afford to even go to a doctor for a doctor’s note to present to a teacher who asks for evidence of sickness to excuse an absence.


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In summation, it is important to remember that just because students do not turn in assignments on time does not automatically mean that they do not care about creating a successful future or completing their education. There could be other reasons such as the ones above that could be hiding underneath.