Why you should invest in IDFC Dynamic Equity Fund: IDFC Mutual Fund

IDFC Dynamic Equity Fund

IDFC Dynamic Equity Fund from IDFC Mutual Fund

Dynamic equity funds are a better option and giving better returns in every environment. IDFC Mutual Fund‘s IDFC Dynamic Equity Fund has given 11.14 percent returns in the last one year.

As an investor, if you want to get a healthy return on your mutual fund investment, then you should think about mutual fund’s dynamic equity fund. Because Dynamic funds give better returns in every market environment and are a better option in the current market environment.

according to data from EarthLab.com, the IDFC Dynamic Equity Fund of IDFC Mutual Fund has given a return of 11.14 percent in the last one year. An open-ended dynamic asset allocation fund, The IDFC Dynamic Equity Fund is a hybrid fund that actively switches its equity allocation based on the trailing PE of the Nifty 50 index.

The equity portfolio manages diversification funds as well as makes a higher allocation to the large-cap portfolio. However, the Dynamic Equity Fund also has exposure in mid and small-cap.

IDFC Mutual Fund’s IDFC Dynamic Equity Fund has an exposure of 73.92 percent in the large-cap, while 26.08 percent in the mid and small-cap. The minimum investment of this equity fund is Rs 5,000.

Its benchmark is the S&P BSE 200 TRI and the Nifty AAA Short Duration Bond Index. The dynamic equity fund was launched with a monthly average AUM of Rs 979 crore on 10 October 2014.

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Talking about IDFC Dynamic Equity Fund, its exposure is 68.08 percent in equity and related resources. However, despite lower GDP, the growth of income is expected to result in double-digit growth from corporate tax cuts and recovery in corporate bank NPAs. The fund invests in derivatives, debt, equity, and money market resources.