Why You Should Offer Mental Health Days to Employees

Mental Health

Mental health days have been a debated subject in the office for years. Many employers may see them as just another day off while employees praise them as much-needed for relaxation and restoration.

Giving your employees the option to take mental health days could bring dramatic benefits to the office.

Take a look at these persuasive reasons to offer more resources for your employees’ mental health.

Eases accumulated stress.

The constant pressure of balancing both work and home can lead to high levels of accumulated stress.

No person can function efficiently or effectively for long if they don’t find a release for their stress.

A mental health day gives your employees the chance to put down their work and focus on themselves and their families.

This refreshes their drive to continue working and enables them to have the resources to work their best.

Work is an essential part of being a professional adult, but employees should always have a chance to clear their mental slate to start the next day with more vigor and brainpower.

Improves mood and happiness.

Work can quickly become an environment of deadlines, stress, and conflicts among employees.

This constant stressor will decrease mood and overall happiness, diminishing your employees’ motivation to complete quality work.

Going home every day and watching a movie or enjoying a dinner out isn’t enough to completely erase the stressors at work.

A mental health day can be utilized to let an employee put down their email and work phone and go to the beach or spend quality time with family.

They need to be given the time to address their mental health and work through healthy solutions.

Depression, anxiety, and stress will only worsen over time if they’re not addressed promptly and alleviated.

Gives people a chance to catch up on home life.

An employee’s home and family life can fall to the wayside in the face of important work and overtime.

This can create feelings of isolation and burnout that will soon affect their overall drive to work.

Spending time with loved ones and creating new experiences remind employees of why they’re working and who’s waiting for them at home.

Work may be an employee’s family away from home, but it’s important that every facet of an employee’s life is equal and fulfilling.

A pleasing work environment and friendly coworkers can’t make up for the time they’re not spending with loved ones.

Mental health days give them the opportunity to make lovely memories, burn off stress and anxiety, and enjoy new thrilling experiences.

Improves productivity.

You may often notice monthly leaps and falls in your employees’ work performance. This can be due to a variety of personal reasons or indicate the work environment isn’t suitable to their work style.

A mental health day gives employees the time to relax so they can return to work and be more motivated and productive.

A modern time clock is a fantastic resource for companies who struggle with monitoring their employees’ hours and time.

You’re sure to see an improvement in task completion and time management when utilizing better technology and refreshing mental health days.

Allows work recovery.

Professional work environments are known to drain employees’ mental and emotional batteries.

Constant work with very few days off can lead to pervasive burnout that can affect employee productivity for weeks if not months.

Mental health days can minimize the threat of burnout and provide adequate time to recover from work.

While taking personal or vacation days can help employees to revitalize themselves, mental health days are unique in that they require no contact from that employee while they’re away.

This can be difficult to utilize if the employee is head of a project or a necessary resource to the office, but it’s an absolutely necessary feature of mental health days.


Your business and employees can benefit from utilizing mental health days during the week or month.

Considering an employee’s mental health can give them time to recover from their work and have a healthier family relationship.

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They will also have higher productivity and quality work once they return. Utilize mental health days in your office and watch the many benefits improve your business operations. Stay updated with our latest mental health days to employees articles at SugerMint.