Why Your Startup Should Become a Content Partner

Why Your Startup Should Become a Content Partner

In today’s marketing-driven society, content is king. Whether you have created videos, made infographics, used sponsored content, or written blog posts, it is likely that you have already done some content marketing in one way or another for your business.

Although content marketing has taken on a different level of importance in the 21st century, businesses used it three centuries ago.

Today, content marketing goes together with partnerships. As a startup, you don’t have to take on all the responsibility of promoting your content yourself.

You can team up with other brands, which will let you double your results. This is just one of many reasons your startup should become a content partner.

Modern Solutions for a Digital World

Since the entire world has gone digital, content marketing partnerships are critical for startups to drive traffic to their website via SEO.

What does a strategic content partnership look like for your organization? Why should you dedicate time and resources to implement one?

First, you need a basic rundown of strategic content partnerships. It is likely that you are familiar with these partnerships, even if you didn’t know that is what they are called.

Content marketing relies on partner marketing to create and use relevant and valuable content to attract new customers and keep existing customers. The end goal is to make sales and grow revenue.

Content Marketing Versus Traditional Marketing

Content marketing differs from traditional marketing because it is less of a hard sale and more of a soft sale. This is important because the vast majority of millennials do not trust advertising.

They are influenced by blogs, social networking sites, and influencers. Customers do not buy into the hard sale like they used to.

Imagine you are selling a sofa. Your content marketing strategy would focus on why it is essential to find the right sofa for your body shape.

You may highlight the pros and cons of different sofa materials. As a result, you establish yourself as an expert in the field. This will help your site get found via search engines.

What does all of this have to do with content marketing partnerships? The content marketing partnership is a strategic partnership where your startup collaborates with a partner to promote content marketing.

For example, your startup might work with another company and create a combined piece of content. The content could explain how your two products work together, your shared values, or your shared plans for the future. You can then promote it to both of your audiences.

Your startup can create a piece of valuable yet relevant content. You partner with another organization to promote it. Or your partner might create content that supports you and your brand.

Examples and Benefits of Content Collaboration

Your content marketing partnership could be centered around creating digital articles, like sponsored content and guest blogs. But this is not the extent of what you can do.

Many content partners will create a podcast, white papers, infographics, news stories, and videos. Even there, you are just scratching the surface. Depending on the content you create, you could host it on your website, on YouTube, or on your partner’s website.

Your content might be featured in a print publication or on LinkedIn. There is no end to the possibilities.

Usually, brands collaborate on content partnerships to reap one of two benefits. They either want to expand their reach or want to improve their SEO.

Any strategic content partnership you work with is going to expand your reach. This is because your content is in front of the eyes of your customers and your partner’s audience.

Not all partnerships will correlate to an improved SEO strategy. This will require a more specific set of requirements. But it can be done successfully.

The key to a successful content marketing partnership is creating quality content that takes advantage of the experience of both parties involved.

It allows your startup and your partner to use their skills and experience to create something that neither of you would have been able to create by yourselves.

Don’t Take on the Burden of Executing Content Alone

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Don’t take on the stress of executing content marketing by yourself. Two minds working on a project are better than one. Now is the best time to make a partnership a key part of your marketing strategy.