Would ChatGPT And Other Generative AI Systems replace humans In Most Jobs? What TCS Has To Say

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Will ChatGPT and other Generative AI Systems replace humans in most jobs?

April 2023, When ChatGPT, an artificial intelligence chatbot created by OpenAI, first gained attention a few months ago, there have been rumours and suppositions that these chatbot technologies may eventually replace people at workplaces across a variety of industries. Yet, IT behemoth Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) disagrees.

TCS’s chief human resources officer (CHRO), Milind Lakkad, believes that platforms for generative AI like ChatGPT would produce a “AI co-worker” rather than eliminate jobs. The job definitions, he claimed, would alter.

Such solutions, according to Lakkad, will aid in boosting productivity but won’t alter the way businesses operate.

He added that generative AI would be a colleague who would take time to comprehend the context of the customer.

In an interview with PTI, Lakkad stated that the context for a job to be carried out will be industry and customer-centric and will continue to emanate from the human who is being aided in chores by such a coworker.

“Jobs won’t be displaced; rather, the definitions of work will shift,” he said. His remarks would likely allay many people’s worries about the future of employment opportunities in the sector, which is dominated by companies like TCS, which employs more than 6 lakh people nationwide.

Concerns over whether a trained human is actually necessary to carry out duties at workplaces and do the work that a technology company delivers to clients have been raised by the introduction of AI chatbot tools like ChatGPT.

There are numerous examples of how these technologies have previously generated whole codes. The emergence of such user-friendly systems is being cited as one of the causes of widespread large layoffs, particularly in the tech sector.

According to Lakkad, the amount of effort required by humans versus generative AI platforms would differ depending on the business.

If anything, it will lessen the requirement for management expertise, but the necessity for workers lower down the hierarchy will still exist since they will acquire vital context-related abilities, the expert claimed.

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