Wipro Lays Off 300 Employees Found Doing Undeclared Work For Competitors

Wipro Lays Off 300 Employees

Wipro Lays Off 300 Employees Found Doing Undeclared Work For Competitors

September 23, 2022: Wipro has terminated the services of 300 employees found working for a competitor while still paying the company’s salaries, the company’s chief executive, Rishad Premji, said on Wednesday.

“It is very simple. It is a violation of integrity. We have terminated the services of these people,” Premji said from the sidelines of the 49th Session of the All India Management Association, ET.

We answered your question. Undeclared work refers to holding multiple jobs, and remote work has helped employees take advantage of this option.

Indian tech and software companies are at odds over whether to allow their employees to work for other companies while they are still paying their salaries.

Food delivery companies like Swiggy have announced an “industry first” policy allowing payroll employees to work on jobs and projects outside of their regular employment, but Tech Mahindra’s chief executive Other companies, like C.P. Gurnani, said they had no objections to the acceptance of secondary employment by employees.

On Wednesday, Premji also received a brick-bat for comments on undeclared work but said it stands by the comments and views on the issue.

He was one of the first IT executives to come forward. He said, “If you look at the definition of undeclared work, you’re secretly doing a side job.

As part of transparency, individuals and organizations can have very open conversations about whether they would like to play a band at night or work on a project on the weekend.

It’s an open conversation where adults can decide if it works,” said Premji. The reality is that employees who work for Wipro also work directly for the company’s competitors, which is a “complete breach of integrity”.

There is no whereabouts of the person, and they (competitors) will think the same if they discover it. So I stand by what I said that it is a breach of good faith for an employee to do undeclared work,” Premji said.

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