15 Women entrepreneurs in India you should Know: List of successful women Entrepreneurs

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15 Women Entrepreneurs in India: List of successful Female entrepreneurs

Women in India have come a considerable way from being just homemakers’. The world sees them with another eye and a brand-new respect.

Women entrepreneurship at India has come a substantial way from women working just part time. Successful women entrepreneurs in India have left their presence felt in each field be it the entire world of politics, music, fashion, films and amusement or company.

Hindu religious text defines women as that the embodiment of Shakti and she lives up to picture every time, whether it’s problem solving in home or operating a prosperous organization.

Here we’ve listed the most prosperous women entrepreneurs in India who continue to inspire us with their adaptive abilities, persuasiveness, problem solving abilities, willingness to take risks and the capacity to inspire individuals around them.

Anjali Agrawal, Founder of KotaDoriaSilk (KDS)

Anjali Agrawal was a software engineer before she began her entrepreneurial journey at “KotaDoriaSilk (KDS)” inspired by her love for wearing traditional Indian fabric Kota Doria.

In 2014, Anjali decided to to start her own venture after 12 years experience in the traditional Kota Doria fabric innovation.

She started her business with an initial investment of just of Rs. 25000/-. Today, her business has turned into a 4-crore turnover company.

Anjali Agrawal-Woman Entrepreneur- Founder of KotaDoriaSilk

Anjali worked hard to learn about the art weaving. As her exposure grew her knowledge and experience of her business multiplied.

She gave variety of opportunities to Indian artisans to work steadily on orders placed by admirers of Kota Doria Silk across India. Anjali proudly salutes the effort of associated women business partners from across India.

Shweta Aggrawal

Few women in the world live their lives in their own rules and conditions. They have a goal in their lives and achieve what they want to be by hook or crook.

Yes! I am talking of one of the women who has achieved her goal by many ups and downs of life but never stop chasing her instinct.

Shweta Aggrawal is one of the ladies who show her guts and reach her goal with her hardship.

Her interest in fashion starts when she was 7 years old and later done her academic education from JD Institute of Fashion Designing.

Shweta Aggarwal

After completing her studies, she works as an assistant to senior designers for 3 years. After 3 years of work, she left the job because of some internal issues. She changed her goal and started working in interior design.

Later she didn’t find anything more interesting than fashion, she came back with a bang in fashion and started her own company. With her small team, she takes the company high with her hardship.

Now she designed all types of clothes for all generations and her customers are happy customers. So, in this world, nothing is impossible, if women strengthen themselves, towards their goal.

Shobhana Bhartia: Indian Women Entrepreneur

A lady who makes her path with her courage and determination is Shobna Bhartia. She grew up in Calcutta and completed her studies at Calcutta University.

As she was born in a recognised family but she chooses her path. A daughter of Krishna Kumar Birla, a well-known industrialist and a wife of Shyam Sunder Bhartia and her son is a director of HT Media group.

As Shobhana was career-oriented, she joined Hindustan Times Directly as Chief Executive at the age of 29. With her calibre and teamwork, she gives a new turn to Hindustan times. She looks at the financial and editorial aspects too.

Her hard work was awarded by the PHD Chamber of commerce and National Press India Award as an “Outstanding Business Women of the Year 2001”. She also received the Business Award, The Economic times’ Awards for Corporate Excellence in 2007.

Shobhana Bhartia

The list is not finished, she has collected many awards due to her hard work and calibre. She was also awarded by ‘Padma Shri for Journalism in 2005.

She is not only a good media person but also active politically. In 2006, she was nominated to Rajya Sabha by Sonia Gandhi.

Because the nomination was reserved for the Social Science, social services and Arts, and she was from other extremes, she was challenged in the Supreme Court of India, but later the case was dismissed by saying of the court is “Social service was done enough by her, that she can be included in Raja Sabha.

An entrepreneur woman who shows her outstanding performance in every field of life and catch her goal with her hardship.

Shahnaz Hussain (Founder, Shahnaz Hussain Group)

A woman who catches fame all over the world with her beauty products. A glory behind every face of women is Shahnaz Husain.

She and her beauty products are too much famous among females. She shows the world and mainly India that every female can catch her goal if she is determined in her goal.

She has also received international acclaim for taking the Indian Herbal heritage of Ayurveda worldwide. Shahnaz Hussain is a female entrepreneur, founder, chairperson, and managing director of Shahnaz Husain Group of India.

Shahnaz Husain
Shahnaz Husain – Founder of The Shahnaz Husain Group. Image Source: shahnaz.in

Born and brought up in a conservative Muslim family, Shahnaz always fights for her goal.
She married at the age of 15 and was a mother at the age of 16. In 1999 his husband died of a cardiac attack and his son Sameer Husain committed suicide in 2008.

While studied Ayurveda in Iran and completed her training in cosmetic therapy and Cosmetology. Knowing that Ayurveda is the best technology for skin than any other chemical treatment.

She was back in India and started her practice in Ayurveda Cosmetic products in New Delhi. Prime minister Indira Gandhi was a frequent visitor of her Parlour.

She gave a new direction to the Indian cosmetic with Ayurveda by new inventions. She opened her first herbal clinic in 1971 and formed The Shahnaz Hussain Group in few years.

Sonali Bhadauriya – YouTube Star

A story that inspires you to do things that you want to do. Sonali Bhadauriya is a woman entrepreneur in India, who

switches her profession from job to passion. And her life story will inspire you to do things according to your interest.

You don’t need to copy anyone just follow your instinct, as Sonali has done, and reaches the height of success.

However, her path was not that much easy. From childhood, she has had a love for music, and dance but her father

didn’t want her to choose dance as her profession. She stopped dancing and concentrated on her studies and

completed her bachelor degree in Computer science from Don Bosco Institute of Technology, Mumbai.

Sonali Bhadauria YouTube-Star
Image Source: Instagram

After completed her bachelor degree, she started doing a job in Infosys Limited. But her passion never left her

alone. After the office work, she joined a dance group and started practising. As it was hard to maintain both works.

So her colleague, boyfriend and husband Krupesh Solanki advises her to drop the job, and she drops a high payee job for her passion.

Now she started focusing on her dance. later, she started her YouTube Channel and started putting dance videos

on YouTube. Sonali’s videos started gaining followers. The videos get viral. When she started dancing and uploaded it into a tube Channel, she gets more followers on Instagram.

In 2018, she performed in Mumbai at YouTube Fiesta it was a dancing workshop. Later many Films Industry proposal comes on her way from Mumbai.

As an entrepreneur, she chooses her path to reach her goal, now women’s are strong and knows their good and bad. And can choose their passionate journey.

Arundhati Bhattacharya: Most successful Indian Women in Banking

Arundhati is a simple and down to earth lady. She becomes the first woman to become a banker at SBI- State Bank of India.

Born in an educated Bengali family. Her father Prodyut Kumar Mukherjee worked at Bokaro Steel Plant as an engineer. Her mother Kalyani Mukherjee was a homoeopathy consultant in Bokaro.

Arundhati was an average student in primary and completed her schooling at St. Xavier’s. Graduation from Jadavpur University, After that, she prepared for banking and completed the entrance of “State Bank of India” and joined SBI in September 1977.

She has held many positions during 36 years of experience. She is the first woman to lead an India-based Fortune India 500 company Initially and in her banking career.

She had to work with foreign exchange, treasury, retail operations, human resources and investment banking. She was all-time in a reputed position. She also worked at the SBI Bank at a New York office.

Arundhati Bhattacharya
Arundhati Bhattacharya

Arundhati has passed several new schemes for public welfare, like- she introduced a 2-year sabbatical leave policy for the woman working in the bank for maternity or elderly help and on women’s day she gives relief to a cancer patient. She also announced free vaccination for cervical cancer for bank women.

A powerful lady! She has given her time and energy for her work with full determination. Her bag was full of many awards.

She was awarded as the 25th most powerful woman in the world by Forbes in 2016. Every woman has to be inspired by her work and determination.

Dr Disha Dinakar – Co-founder of Digvijaya Herbal, organic beauty brand

Disha Dinakar is a woman who achieves lots of success in her life. After completing her studies in medicine.

She took an opportunity to take part in Miss Mangalore and become the first Miss Mangalore in 2012. Later she has also done Print Ads in Karnataka and Kerala and also acted in T.V commercials.

She didn’t let go of the opportunity to work in a south Indian movie as a leading role. But she doesn’t want to make a career in it as this is her passion, not a career line.

Like her family, she wanted to work as an entrepreneur. She decided to do something by herself. She founded Digvijaya Herbals Pvt Ltd. In 2019.

This is a herbal wellness company that provide all types of skincare, hair-care, health products.

Dr. Disha Dinakar - co-Founder of DIGVIJAYA Herbals
Dr. Disha Dinakar – co-Founder of DIGVIJAYA Herbals

The ingredients are natural, and some ingredients they do farming in their own Digvijaya farm.

These are natural and organic products that can be used by all generations, without any side effects. As the skincare market is all over the world.

The company has launched her product in 45 countries and cover the domestic market too.
Disha is now passionate about her work and wants to take her company high with her goal.

Many people tried to pull her down, but her determination and passion for her work didn’t stop her. Every woman has to be self-confident about her work and goal.

Vandana Luthra – The Founder of VLCC

Vandana Luthra is the founder and CEO of VLCC, a unique multi-brand store offering designer wear at discounted rates. She has been one of the most successful fashion designers in the country for over 20 years.

In addition to this, Luthra holds a Masters in Management Studies from Indore and a Bachelors in Business Management from Malviya National Institute of Technology, Madhya Pradesh.

She also works as an advisor for several design projects and works on social projects through VLCC Foundation.

She is known as the most sought- after fashion designer for her experimental pieces and has an unparalleled skill of design, quality assurance and variety.

Vandana Luthra – The Founder of VLCC
Vandana Luthra – The Founder of VLCC

Vandana Luthra is also co-founder and managing director of VLCC Property Services. She is the former CEO of Mahindra Holidays & Resorts and an active volunteer in the residential real estate industry, working on creating property financing for low-income families. Luthra is on the executive committee of FICCI Ladies Organization and

is currently the director on the board of World Journal. Luthra is passionate about her work and enjoys taking on new challenges and learning.

A believer in giving back, Luthra is the founder of the Vandana Luthra Foundation. Among her personal hobbies, she enjoys playing the piano and is a vegetarian.

Priya Paul – The Chairperson of Park Hotel

Travel2France, Meridien Hotels (India) Limited, and The World Travel and Tourism Council. She also founded Hostelworld (Online hostel booking portal) in 2002 and sold it to PayPal in 2007.

Priya graduated in Political Science from St. Stephen’s College and in Masters in International Business from INSEAD.

Priya-Paul - The-chairperson of Park Hotel

She started her career with American Express and then worked with Capital One Financial. She is married to Sameer Paul and has a son.

Falguni Nayar -The Founder of Nykaa

Falguni Nayar is one of the most successful entrepreneurs in India and holds a degree in commerce from Calcutta University.

She is the founder of beauty and cosmetics e-commerce portal, Nykaa.com. In 2012, Forbes listed her amongst the Top 10 Most Powerful Women in India and also as the woman of the year in the Indian FMCG category in 2013.

Falguni-Nayar - The Founder and CEO of Nykaa

According to the latest Forbes India 400 List, she is the third richest woman in India and is worth $1.65 billion as per the 2017 Forbes India Rich List.

She currently owns 1.05% of Estee Lauder and has become a director of L’Oreal. Apart from the above she is an independent board member at IBM India and also sits on the advisory board of Ivy League university, Yale University.

Indra Nooyi – former chairperson and chief executive officer of PepsiCo.

Indra Nooyi is the current board member of Amazon and currently on the board of Starbucks as well. Nooyi has been elected to the Board of Directors of Goldman Sachs in October 2009.

She is one of only 12 women CEOs in the Fortune 500 and became the first woman to hold the position of CEO at a S&P 500 company.

Indra Nooyi

Nooyi is a proven leader in building and growing major companies such as PepsiCo, Pepsico International, Inc. (NYSE: PEP) and Eli Lilly and Company.

She has received the “2007 National Medal of Technology” from President George W. Bush, the “2015 National Medal of Science” from President Barack Obama, and in 2009 was awarded the National Medal of Honor from President Obama.

Divya Gokulnath -Co-founder of Byju’s learning

Divya is a sharp and intelligent, Bangaluru base women entrepreneur who made her life with determination and courage. She has completed her bachelor degree in Biotechnology from RV College of Engineering in Bengaluru in 2007.

After her studies, Divya started teaching in Byju’s, and because of her hard work, Divya was much appreciated in the company.

She was also a good writer and written an article in Vogue India about Educational technologies with Byju Raveendra. Later she married Raveendra.

In 2011, Divya was a co-founder of byju’s, and she takes learning in a new and developed form.

She had also provided the students with free access to the application through their school’s name.

She makes many strategies to make learning clearer and understandable to the students by making videos and online problem-solving.

Divya is a lady with high goals with intelligence. At the time of the pandemic, she works hard. With her two children, she manages teaching, recording videos at night. 

Divya is also writing online about future education, parenting, and women’s participation in the Stem field.

She has also talked about, How an entrepreneur woman faces challenges? And how to come up with these challenges. She shows that nothing is impossible if a woman comes to dedication.

Fatema Agarkar – Educationist & Founder of Ace Sports Edu

Fatema Agarkar is an entrepreneur and co-Founder of the KA Education Association. She is from a high educational background and has done her MBA from Birmingham (U.K).

She wants to do something on her own. She decided to work in the education sector. The concept came to her mind when she was back in India after completing her Master’s degree.

She saw that the education system is not proper for the children as they need a more practical and latest style of studies. 

As she wants to give more practical knowledge, kids need more quality infrastructure with improved study styles, parenting workshops, and student counseling. The new way of studying, united with parents will help in child development.

Fatema Agarkar

So, she comes forward and opened a school consultancy & management. Pre and high school (both national and international curriculum design, school audit, and parent workshop. The school also provide sports, after school academic, etc.

She wants to give studies a new way, and her mission is to come up with a new education system and provide a child with more real opportunities.

In her institute, she provides good teaching staff with all sports facilities. So that students will come up with good citizens.

By these views, Fatema Agarkar comes forward and is trying to give our country good and valued citizens in her institute.

Yogita Warde – the Author of Saahi & Sudheer, Diya and Post Card

Every woman has some quality, the only need is to find out your inner instinct. Yogita Warde is an entrepreneur who was born in a small village of Madhya Pradesh. After marriage, she shifted to Vadodara Gujarat. 

Yogita has a nice family with a full home facility, but she feels that something is missing in her life, and that is her individuality. So she makes her hobby a profession.

She has an instinct for writing; she uses to writing small articles. One day a thought comes to her mind that she has to convert her thoughts in writing a book.

After that, she started writing a book. She wrote a book in her mother tongue Hindi, and also converted it to English.

Yogita Warde

She wrote Saahi & Sudhir and two more books in “Diya” she wrote about the real-life story and third book “Post Card” (Every life has a lesson) in this she wrote about the stories of people’s struggle.

Seeing a good response to her books, Yogita is also writing her fourth book. The book’s name is “Cooker Ki Seeti” this book is base on the lockdown situation. Yogita also writes articles that are also famous.

She says that things are not easy but you have to determine your work. Many obstacles will come but if you are strong towards your goal you can achieve success.

Parul Agrawal– Kabish founder

An entrepreneur lady, who introduces her Jewelry brand Kabbish (A jewelry brand) in 2018, her brand shows a glips of Indian Handicraft. 

Parul was passionate, devoted towards her work with perfection. Right from an early age, she wants to do something different, and she has done it.

She has done graduation in Ceramic and Glass from the Indian Institute of Craft and Design from Jaipur.

After that, when she was in Nizamabad for internship purposes, she found that Their Local Pottery was very beautiful and was losing customers. That’s why she wants to highlight Indian Handicraft.

In 2018 with her team member she uncovered Jewelry Brand Kabbish. By this, she wants to highlight the Indian Handicraft work, heritage, and culture.

You can find her crafted product which is truly Indian style in multi-design retail/offline stores and on Kabbish’s website.

Parul Says’ “that she finds joy in it as this is her passion. Her hard work done during initial years has reaped compounded reward in time”.

Parul has received many awards for her brand Kabbish. She was also rewarded with a Narishakti Award by the district of Azamgarh. Her brand also won India’s best award in the year 2020. She finds herself in seventh-sky when her brand inters and participated in Lakme Fashion Week.

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