5 Women Entrepreneurs in India & Their Entrepreneurial Journey

Women Entrepreneurs in India
Women Entrepreneurs in India

Here we have listed five Women Entrepreneurs in India with their Entrepreneurial Journey. Find female entrepreneurs in India who have done something different and inspired other women.

Let’s take a look at our favorite women entrepreneurs in India below for inspiration and guidance!

Each one of their entrepreneurial journey is an inspiration for every female entrepreneurs to break the glass ceiling and challenge their limits.

Women Entrepreneurs in India & Their Entrepreneurial Journey

1: Dr. Disha Dinakar – co-Founder of Digvijaya Herbal:

Dr. Disha Dinakar - co-Founder of DIGVIJAYA Herbals
Dr. Disha Dinakar – co-Founder of DIGVIJAYA Herbals & Women Entrepreneurs in India

Dr. Disha Dinakar is a co-Founder of Digvijaya Herbal, a 100% natural and certified organic beauty brand. She was born and raised in Oman.

She shifted to Vittal, Mangalore for his medicine career. It was challenging her to leave Oman, as she was an only pampered child of her parents. It was very difficult for to come out of comfort zone.

In 2012, she participated in Miss Mangalore competition & became the First Miss Mangalore of the Pageant. She did many Print Ads around Karnataka & Kerala with a couple of TV commercials.

She acted lead role in 3-south Indian movies as a passion not career. In 2019, she founded Digvijaya Herbals PVT LTD.

Digvijaya herbals believe everyone is deserving of respect and care. They specialize in hair, skin care, and health & wellness product.

All there products made from pure ingredients & high quality raw materials. Some of the raw materials are produced from their own Digvijaya farm.

Within a short time, they have been shipping their product to 45 countries apart from the domestic market.

They have opened their branches in Bangalore, Singapore& Sri Lanka. During her journey, she had so many people around her who have tried pulling her down in her Entrepreneurial Journey, but that cannot stopped her in pursuing her dreams & living her life.

She believes that “when your passion & determination come together, you become unstoppable!”

2: Yashu Kapila – Founder of BugRaptors:

Yashu Kapila - BugRaptors
Yashu Kapila – Founder of BugRaptors & Women Entrepreneurs in India

Yashu Kapila is a Women Entrepreneurs and Founder of BugRaptors. She was born in Firozpur, Punjab.

She completed her Bachelor’s degree from JDIMT (Jeevandeep Institute of Management and Technology) and masters’ degree of computer application from the Regional Institute of Management and Technology.

In beginning, she worked with several companies as Quality Consultant, QA Lead, Junior Quality Manager, Senior Quality Manager, Vice President.

Finally, in 2016, she became the CEO from COO in the software testing company named BugRaptors.

She always takes an interest in managing key relationships with clients. She was superior in communication; she conducted so many scrums in different companies to interact with team members.

Her leadership qualities popped up an idea in her mind to start her own business in the software-testing niche.

Now, BugRaptors is not only a reputed and independent company for software testing services. The company was popular as a third-party vendor. 

They have over 1k clients from different parts of the world. They have around 500 skilful and dedicated employees in our organizations who work consistently to meet the unique requirements of businesses.

Providing satisfaction to their clients with quality services all the time is some of the company’s goals.

She believes that “Customers are the lifeblood of our business. Without them, we are nothing”.

Today, at BugRaptors, they have over 100 physical devices, various mobile labs, plenty of modern testing frameworks, both DevOps and Agile best practices, the knowledge of new-age technologies such as AI & ML. They have utilized properly to give as much as benefits to the customers.

3: Neha Kabra – Founder of MAATI, a PETA Verified Brand:

Neha Kabra - Founder of MAATI
Neha Kabra – Founder of MAATI & Women Entrepreneurs in India

Neha Kabra is a passionate designer, Travel Enthusiasts, and Entrepreneur. She always believes that, she wanted to do something with design.

She studied at Raffles Mumbai along with doing a course as a fashion designer. During her journey to success, she worked as a sales girl, a graphic designer, and odd different jobs.

After completing study at Raffles, she moved to London enrolling into a course to learn pattern cutting from central St.Martin that also taught her the technicalities of Fashion.

As she wanted to do something for her own, in 2017, she began Maati for her idea of sustainability.

She says that her upbringing is in the most naturalistic setting that ushered her to live sustainably and simply.

Before official launching of Maati, she & her team did a small pop up in September to do a test run of their outfits.

For her the mission of Maati allowed her mind, body & soul to breath. Maati is a platform where one can buy sustainable products at affordable prices.

Her journey began with meeting the weavers of Bengal. Neha advices new entrepreneurs to follow own gut feeling, and not to get discouraged by temporary lows, and that it all adds up finally.

4: Sakshi Guha – founder of Bengali Love Café:

Sakshi Guha - Bengali Love Café ,founder
Sakshi Guha – Bengali Love Café founder & Women Entrepreneurs in India

Sakshi Guha is founder and owner of one of the most popular food-tech companies – Bengali Love Café. She founded it in 2020.

She was born in Muzaffarnagar. There she completed her MA there. In 2020, she moved to food business with Bengali Love Café.

Bengali Love Café is a traditional Bengali restaurant. Her mother became head chef of an online restaurant that today serves almost 200 orders.

They serve through Swiggy & Zomato located in Sushant Lok Phase 1 Gurugram. They serve all types of meal including Traditional Bengali food delicacies and interesting food options that are different from the regular foodstuff.

She is a woman who has set an example in the food industry for serving freshly cooked food to the customer’s doorstep.

Their team of waiters, chefs, and cooks are highly skilled and they are always ready to take any challenge.

This is a motivational story of a 65 + of age woman who had dreamt of having her own food outlet, as her mother Deepa Guah worked with her.

They achieved success in one year. Now, they have started their new venture Groceries on wheels, which is again being very popular and being successful venture within less than 6 months.

This is a truly inspiring story of a women who started from zero now being millionaire within 1 year only.

5: Romilla Tewari – Founder of Think Cutieful & My cute stickons:

Ms Romilla Tewari, Founder and Creative head of Thinkcutieful
Ms Romilla Tewari, Founder and Creative head of Thinkcutieful & Women Entrepreneurs in India

Romilla Tewari is a mother, an entrepreneur, a pioneer in the field of children’s environments. She is a Founder and Creative head of Think Cutieful & My cute stickons.

Her parents were in government job. She completed her MBA from Dehradun. Art, architecture, graphics were always her favourite.

She wanted to do something in this field. When she hardly gets any product for decorating girl’s room, she got an Idea of wall stickers.

In 2009, they were the first ones to bring the concept of wall stickers in India. At that time, they started it as a trading & retail outlet.

However, at present they design and manufacture as well. Wall graphics, wall decals and made to measure wall papers are their forte and bestseller in retail product line.

Their safe, Eco and child friendly wall graphics, self-adhesive green guard certified wall sticker media is one of a kind which is removable reusable and does not leave a stain in your wall.

She has a family of 28 member design executives to shop floor and production. Her daughters are her biggest inspiration and her mother’s strength sees her through tough days.

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