World’s Best 6 Sustainable Travel Destinations You Should Visit in 2022

Best Sustainable Travel Destinations

World’s Best 6 Sustainable Travel Destinations You Should Visit in 2022

In 2020, travel suddenly took the back seat due to the global pandemic, and it’s still recovering. As it’s starting to pick up, people are becoming more aware of the importance of sustainability and their choosing their destination with that concept in mind.

It’s a trend now to fuse the fun of travel abroad with the idea of an environmentally-friendly trip, and it’s proven to be quite fulfilling.

Here are several suggestions regarding sustainable travel destinations that you might include in your next vacation itinerary.


Scandinavia is a great place to start, and it’s the city of Helsinki that has taken a serious approach to sustainable travel.

It offers numerous initiatives all over the city with one united objective of making the Finnish capital a world leader in sustainable innovation.

The first place to consider is Majamaja, an off-grid wooden village that offers a holistic approach that brings together the use of green energy, water recycling and functional space use.

If you want to stay in the city centre, several hotels, such as Klaus K Hotel and GLO Art Hotel, provide great eco-friendly options.


Gothenburg, Sweden’s second-largest city has been titled the world’s most sustainable destination for four years in a row on the Global Destination Sustainable Index.

The list includes several other Nordic cities, which only shows that sustainability is not just a passing trend in northern Europe.

Most of the public transport in Gothenburg runs off renewable energy, and many hotels around the city have been awarded environmental certificates for abiding by strict sustainability guidelines.

For instance, the largest hotel in Europe, Gothia Towers, is a prime example of how even a huge structure can keep its carbon emissions to a minimum.


The city of Valencia has recently been awarded Spain’s first ever Green Michelin Star for the eco-friendly endeavours of award-winning Ricard Camarena Restaurant, which happened due to their efforts to reduce food miles and use zero chemicals.

Valencia is very proud of its food culture. It’s the home of paella, and the Central Market, one of the oldest food markets in Europe.

All produce there is locally and sustainably sourced, from fruit and vegetables to fish, meats and cheeses.

The city’s port is also building its green reputation by being the first in the world to record carbon emissions from tourist activity.

In addition to its vast parks and miles of gorgeous beaches, you can enjoy a truly comfy stay in the city in several hotels that participate in Travelife programme that measures the establishment’s impact on the local environment.


Montenegro has recently got back on the travel radar due to its green initiatives. This small Balkan gem is still undiscovered by many tourists, but it has so much to offer – a variety of natural attractions from beaches and underwater marvels to striking mountains and deep forests.

Most of all, this destination is very affordable, particularly for travellers looking to buy fertile Montenegro land so they can create their own vacation spot.

Many of these plots are ideal for building a sustainable resort that will surely bring excellent ROI in the upcoming years. 

The Netherlands

The first things that come to mind when thinking of the Netherlands are bicycles, windmills, and water. It’s quite obvious why this country would hold a high place on a list of the top sustainable travel destinations.

Travelling around the Netherlands sustainably requires very little planning due to the country’s emphasis on low-emission transportation. Sustainable transportation is a way of life in the Netherlands.

Costa Rica

Costa Rica already has over 25 per cent of its land declared a conservation zone, which makes it a leader in the fight against the climate crisis. The country also generates almost all of its electricity from renewable sources.

With gorgeous white-sand coastlines, lush rainforests and endemic wildlife species, and oceans brimming with marine life that all need protecting, the country is working towards becoming carbon-neutral by 2050.

Travelling there will give you a unique opportunity to experience all the beauties of the country as well as nature-friendly activities such as jungle hikes, dolphin-watching and sea kayaking.

Sustainable travel destinations are places that recognise the importance of putting the health of their land and nation first.

They make extra effort to preserve their green spaces, work towards becoming carbon-neutral, and strive to develop sustainable tourism and not mass tourism.

Such an attitude ensures the diverse wildlife and ecosystems will still be there for future generations to enjoy.

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