Writing E-Books Can Be a Very Profitable Side Hustle

Copywriting Business

Find a niche

There’s a pretty big market for written guide products, so figuring out what to write about is important. You want to be able to reach an audience, and you also want to be able to charge money for your content.

There are several ways to go about writing guides: You can start a newsletter, you can sell ads or offers, you can do reviews, giveaways, etc.

Write about your niche

Even if you’re not an expert, there are still ways to make money writing eBooks. The first way is to write eBook reviews and if you don’t know how to do it take the help of professional ebook writing services.

You can either accept offers from major publishers or create your own blogs and sell advertising space.

Another way to make money as a writer is by creating free resources that help people in need or teach them how to best manage their time.

I have several friends who run free online workshops that invite people to pay $25 for a copy of a workbook they created.

By giving away the workbook, they are able to attract enough customers so that they are able to keep teaching while also earning a living through other sources.

Offer a value

People who side hustle by selling their own ideas or writing services often struggle to make money because they don’t offer a value that is worth the cost.

Your audience should be able to see the value in what you are offering before they invest time in your service.

That way, when they buy what you are offering, they will know how much value it provides for them. If they do not, then people will choose not to purchase your product or service.

It is hard to sell products or provide services if no one knows about them. Therefore, it is important to determine a price where customers can get what they need without breaking the bank.

You also have to ask yourself whether you want to go into business with other people. While being collaborative is fun and easy, taking the risk of losing control over the quality of your work is always difficult.

Focus on marketing

Even if you’re an experienced writer, writing with an eye toward selling eBooks is still going to be profitable for you.

By focusing on marketing like sales and promotion, you can help grow your audience and earn money even without being published.

This includes spending time on social media groups that focus on promoting other authors and their books. You can also pay attention to blogs and forums that talk about the genre you are writing in.

Doing these things will help get your name out there. People might start paying more attention to your work because of all the effort you put into promoting it.

You should never neglect your online presence just because you aren’t publishing yet. Your digital footprint is something that will always need to exist before publishers or agents look at you as a candidate for a job.

These are important steps that every author needs to take on themselves to build their brand.

Encourage interaction

One of the things that set e-books apart from other books is their interactivity, also known as “choose your own adventure” stories or reviews.

Users can choose how the story progresses by choosing different options in a book. For instance, they can read whether a character’s fate will be good or bad depending on what choices the reader makes.

Interactivity is a popular storytelling method among children since it takes them out of the driver’s seat of the narrative. Instead of deciding everything, characters decide their own futures.

This adds a sense of freedom and excitement because the reader has more control over the story. More than just reading a story, users are actually writing it.

There are many free resources available online for readers to learn how to create interactive narratives.

Make the experience easy

Once you have a finished product, don’t waste your time trying to sell it. Don’t view yourself as someone who has a great deal of talent or effort. You are not. You’ve worked hard on what you created. Now is not the time to see if people want to pay for it.

The hardest part about selling your products isn’t the creation process itself, it’s the maintenance process. After you create something, you need to put in the work maintaining its quality and keeping it fresh.

This means updating it when necessary, adding new features, fixing issues, etc. While creating the initial content was fun, this will be a drag.

There’s no way around it – producing high-quality content is a huge responsibility, and it doesn’t just apply to writers.

If you aren’t able to maintain your writing even after you’ve written several articles, books, or other pieces, there may be problems with that.

Be consistent in your writing skills, and keep practicing by writing shorter paragraphs instead of longer ones. Eventually, these paragraphs will grow into full sentences, so stop focusing on how to make them bigger.

Provide a free course

One great way to start making money is by offering people a free course or training session. You can then use that same event as proof of value for your e-book so you have an instant sale.

Here are some examples of free courses:

How to get out of debt,” “Learn how to manage your stress level,” “Learn how to improve your health,” etc.

Sell your e-book

If you’re interested in making money writing e-books, there are several things you can do to promote yourself and your content.

The first thing that you should do is to put your e-book up for sale on all major digital book distribution platforms like Amazon, Apple Books, Barnes & Noble, and Goodreads.

You will want to make sure that your e-book is already written before you sell it because taking the time to write it again after being paid would be ridiculous. That said, once you have sold one copy of your e-book, then you can give others a low price and start selling copies.

If you need help with marketing or distributing your e-book, you can find people online who will help you for free. There are also social media groups dedicated to promoting eBook sales.

Promote your e-book

The first step with any side hustle is to promote your work. Most people start with Twitter and Facebook, but there are many other options for promotion.

The most important thing you can do to promote your e-book is to create a website. More and more companies are going beyond the traditional website made using HTML code. They are creating websites that use software such as Flash or Java.

This allows them to make changes much faster, which means they get more traffic from search engines like Google and Yahoo! People also prefer reading blogs over websites because it’s easier to read and has more style.

Put everything online about how to sell books. Make it easy for people to find out about your book. If you have a newsletter, put it online and send it along with your website.

Give visitors a way to subscribe to it so they will know about new articles and updates. You want everyone to know about these great deals others can enjoy.

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