Interview: Yashowardhan Birla, Chairman, Yash Birla Group

Yashowardhan Birla - Chairman-Yash Birla Group

Yashowardhan Birla, Chairman, Yash Birla Group

At Sugermint Media, our aim is to bring to our entrepreneurs community some of the inspiring and motivational stories from the entrepreneurial ecosystem.

As part of this endeavour, we invited yet another passionate entrepreneur Yashowardhan Birla, Chairman, Yash Birla Group for an exclusive interview with us.

Tell us a little bit in brief about yourself?

Yashowardhan Birla: My name is Yashowardhan Birla, but people also call me Yash Birla. I am the son of Mr Ashok Vardhan Birla and Mrs Sunanda Birla.

I am also the chairman of The Yash Birla Group, which overlooks over ten industries. Besides that, I am also a fashion and fitness enthusiast, and I also find my interest in spirituality. 

How did you get your idea or concept of business?

Yashowardhan Birla: Coming from a background of great businessmen, I was taught from a very young age about the basics of business.

My father made me learn each and every aspect of business, how to invest in industries that catch your interest, and ways to handle them as well.

This really helped me in getting the ideas, over time, I invested my money and myself into things that I believed had the potential for growth, as well as the ideas in which I had faith.

What services does Yash Birla Group offer?

Yashowardhan Birla: The Yash Birla Group is an expansive and extended business group. We offer services varying, from education to capital and financial services, and machining and tools. 

Birla Ayurveda provides ayurvedic services and therapies. Zenith Birla (India) Limited is a flagship company and is a pioneer in the Manufacture and Exports of Steel Pipes, Tubes, and Hollow Sections from India.

Birla Pacific Medspa is a joint venture of Yash Birla Group and Pacific Healthcare, East Asia’s leading healthcare provider, with healthcare facilities in Singapore, Hong Kong, and China.

Birla Pacific Medspa provides beauty-related medical procedures in India. Shloka Birla Edutech offers a curriculum-based, multimedia learning system for learners from pre-school to the secondary school level.

Melstar Information Technologies is expert assistance and labour force arrangement supplier across India.

What is unique about Yash Birla Group?

Yashowardhan Birla: The most unique thing about business is how we conduct our business and ensure client relationships. We always make sure that we give extra importance to our clients and maintain our relationships because that helps you to maintain our business in the longer run.

We still have clients with whom we have been in relation for over a decade. I always keep the teachings of my father and the values that he instilled in me in my mind whenever I deal with our clients. His values are still prevalent in our organizations.

What was your mission at the outset?

Yashowardhan Birla: The mission of the Birla family has always been ‘Learn, Earn, and Return’. The learning process never stops when you are in a business. You learn something new every day.

Of course, the monetary part of it is important as well, because that’s what enables us to function smoothly as a business.

My father always taught us that we should always give back to the society and the community that we come from. I have always made sure to take forward that tradition and indulge in charity.

How many employees are there in Yash Birla Group?

Yashowardhan Birla: There are currently 100+ employees working in The Yash Birla Group.

What are the goals of your company?

Yashowardhan Birla: There has been a massive growth in the artificial intelligence industry in recent years. I want to lead my company forward and make sure that we work hand-in-hand with the future and the present.

Additionally, I want to grow the Ayurveda industry and bring our traditional Indian science back into society.

How do you build a successful customer/client base a Yash Birla Group?

Yashowardhan Birla: For a successful customer base, the first step is to understand the needs and prospects. You should be able to divide your time equally into supporting your existing customers and looking for new ones.

Great customer service is the key to a successful client base. You should always experiment in business and always play to your strengths. The strengths have made you successful so do not forget to always feature them.

What have been some of your failures and what have you learned from them?

Yashowardhan Birla: Failures are a part of any business and I am no stranger to them. Throughout my years of experience, I have witnessed a number of failures but what I have learnt from them is that they are a stepping stone toward your success.

You should not fall and stop because of one hurdle because they are a part of your journey and would ultimately lead you towards your goal.

Who has been your greatest inspiration and why?

Yashowardhan Birla: My father, Mr Ashok Vardhan Birla is my greatest inspiration. Everything that I am today and every value that I follow, I have learnt from him.

He was a great businessman, a great personality, and an amazing father. Nothing would have been possible if it weren’t for him.

The way he presented himself in front of people was very charming and alluring. There was a lot to learn from him.

If you had one piece of advice for someone just starting out, what it would be?

Yashowardhan Birla: My advice for new entrepreneurs would be, to begin with, a solid business plan and make it unique. Decide how you plan on growing your business. As a new businessman, always be prepared for financial challenges.

Does Yash Birla Group help the community and society?

Yashowardhan Birla: As I mentioned earlier, the motto of the Birla Family is ‘Learn, Earn, and Return.’ We have always believed in giving back to the society and the community that we come from.

My father taught me that we are a trustee and it is our responsibility to give back to society by always helping the unfortunate ones and helping the people associated with our community and culture.

Also, put your faith in a trusted mentor. A mentor can be a priceless sounding board. They should be someone who understands your business and gives you valuable feedback. The impact of a mentor in business is invaluable.

We hope you find the inspiring story of Yashowardhan Birla, Chairman, Yash Birla Group useful and inspiring through your entrepreneurial journey and will keep you inspired.

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