You Care Lifestyle is thrilled to announce its latest event – “The Immunity Support Store”

Luke Coutinho

From the 10th to the 16th of July, 2023, this exciting initiative is set to provide customers with a range of exclusive products to support their immune health.

Mumbai, June 7th 2023: We all know, the monsoon season brings with it an increased risk of illnesses and infections.

Understanding the significance of this, You Care Lifestyle, co-founded by Luke Coutinho has curated a special event dedicated to Immunity.

During this event, You Care Lifestyle (YCL) will be featuring a wide range of products designed to support and strengthen your immune system.

From nutritious supplements to health-boosting foods, we have everything you need to take charge of your wellbeing.

The You Care Lifestyle team of experts has gone above and beyond to curate a collection of products that are not only effective but also safe, free from any harmful preservatives that can impact your immunity.

Visit ‘The Immunity Support Store’ and explore a vast selection of products carefully chosen by Team Luke to help enhance your immune function in a holistic way.

Whether you are looking for science-backed supplements, essential oils to de-stress, herbal remedies, workout essentials, or immune-boosting superfoods, we have it all under one roof for you to stay well-prepared and protected during this season.

In addition to the exceptional product offerings, You Care Lifestyle is also committed to offering expert guidance and support through social media, newsletters, blogs, recipes and so on.

The focus is not just on selling products but on providing the detailed information for helping build the immunity the right way!

Mark your calendar – this exclusive event will kick off on 10th July and will run until 16th July on your honest wellness platform.

Together, let’s prioritize our health and well-being by taking proactive steps towards building our immunity with the right products.

You Care Lifestyle also offers a wide variety of safe, chemical-free products, based on Luke’s four pillars, as well as categories for beauty, kids and baby care, pet care, and wellness for both women and men.

This isn’t just a one-stop solution to satisfy all your needs, but also a platform that gives you access to products that are all Team Luke verified, clean label, authentic, ethically sourced, and organically certified.

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