You Care Lifestyle ‘Republic Day Sale’ is starting from 25 January till 27 January

Luke Coutinho

You Care Lifestyle ‘Republic Day Sale’ is starting from 25 January till 27 January

You Care Lifestyle, one of the most honest and authentic online markets founded by Luke Coutinho, will soon launch a special sale to commemorate India’s 74th Republic Day. 

January 25, 2023, Mumbai: On the occasion of India’s 74th Republic Day, YOU Care Lifestyle has found a unique way to observe the event.

As part of the celebration of the day, You Care Lifestyle (YCL) will offer a three-day sale, starting on 25th January till 27th January on specific brands ranging from A2 ghee to organic honey and sleep essentials to help our consumers access their favorite honest and authentic brands.

The brand is engaging with consumers, taking a pledge towards holistic health, and launching events and content across the platform with the purpose of enhancing the significance of the day while presenting the brand as a key component.

YCL offers a wide variety of safe, chemical-free products, based on Luke’s five pillars, as well as categories for beauty, kids and baby care, pet care, and wellness for both women and men.

This isn’t just a one-stop solution to satisfy all your needs, but also a platform that gives you access to products that are all Team Luke Verified, clean label, authentic, ethically sourced, and organically certified.

Luke Coutinho’s vision has always been to provide products that are clean, safe, non-GMO, honest, authentic, and free of harmful chemicals. This is why You Care Lifestyle was launched.

The purpose of the platform is to promote a healthy, ethical, and sustainable food chain across India by supporting farmers, vendors, and ethical producers. 

This will be accomplished by expanding our assortment, opening retail experience centers, and collaborating with even more ethical brands.

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