YouCare- It’s all about YOU and your HEALTH

Luke Coutinho

By Mr. Luke Coutinho, Holistic Lifestyle Coach – Integrative and Lifestyle Medicine and Founder of YouCare – All about YOU by Luke Coutinho

YouCare is a community concept started by Luke Coutinho which has millions of ardent followers and fans with deep intent and desire to build and rebuild themselves in all aspects of life, with an emphasis on their lifestyle, health, prevention, and disease.

YouCare focuses on YOU, the source, and encourages you to build yourself first, then go out, nourish and serve the world, your family, loved ones, friends, whoever you have to. 

You cannot pour from an empty cup, so, fill your cup first, nourish the whole of you- physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually, intellectually, then go out and shine your light bright.

YouCare has been touching millions of lives from using integrative, preventive, and lifestyle medicine to work with patients suffering from diseases like cancer, diabetes, thyroid, cardiovascular to autism, obesity, autoimmune disorders, low immune function, metabolic syndrome, and other rare syndromes.

YouCare helps you in changing your lifestyle; it teaches you to focus on you being a bio-individual.

It teaches and inspires you to find the right lifestyle in the form of nutrition, exercise, movement, sleep, and emotional wellness that suits your unique self and make-up and condition if you have any. 

YouCare hugely emphasizes emotional wellness, sleep, exercise, and wholesome nutrition. It also guides people to get away from rigid, extreme, fad diets and programs that are not sustainable and more harmful in the long run.

It is a global ecosystem putting together sustainable food chains, ethical and natural food formulations for holistic health, lifestyle programs, programs centered around prevention, disease, recovery, programs for meditation, emotional wellness, content that inspires and drives the change.

YouCare embraces a focus on cultivating mindfulness, healthy and meaningful relationships programs helping you look within to find your life purpose and dreams, education for children, students, and adults. 

It supports you to make simple daily lifestyle changes and habits, that help you build a better you. 

The ecosystem also has a universal prayer group where people from across the globe, all religions, and faiths post a prayer request and pray in their ways and send energy for those suffering.

Also, the ecosystem has a group consisting of people across the globe who encourage and practice reflection and gratitude daily.

YouCare is a community and ecosystem that consists of kids, teenagers, adults, senior citizens, across the globe because YouCare is all about you at any stage or moment in your life.

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It focuses on building a wholesome, better, healthier you. You don’t have to join this community; you are already part of it the moment you decide to focus on YOU and care for YOU.