Your Keratin Hair Treatment Guide: Cost, Pros, Cons, and Side Effects

Hair Treatment Guide

How often do we hear the statement that hair is the crown of one’s beauty? Rightly said so, a thick lock of lustrous hair is often a subject of envy.

We go through several treatments to acquire the hair of our dreams. Keratin Hair Treatment is one such treatment that turns wavy, rough, and frizzy hair into silky smooth, and flowing.

Most of the famous female personalities we see usually have straight hair. By seeing them, we even get influenced to get our hair straightened, and every second person going for keratin treatment lures us more to get the kind of hair that we have always wanted. But, as said, ‘Everything Comes with A Price’ also holds true for these kinds of treatments.

What Is Keratin Treatment?

Everyone is blessed with different textures of hair made up of a fibrous protein called keratin. With time and external factors like harmful sun rays and pollution, our hair starts losing its shine and luster, making it dull and damaged.

Keratin treatment restores that very lost protein of our hair. It puts an artificial layer of keratin on the strands of hair. The treatment is a lengthy process that takes about 4-5 hours, and straightening is done twice in the whole process.

After the treatment, the hair looks straighter, shinier, and healthier. The effect stays up to almost 6 months.

Cost Of Keratin Treatment

Keratin treatments, just like other treatments, are an expensive deal. It is highly in demand and is one of the most popular hair treatments.

The cost of the treatment will depend on your hair length and texture. One with longer hair will have to shell out more money than someone with short hair, and the same goes for hair texture.

If you have frizzier hair, be prepared to pay more. The cost can range anywhere from Rs 5,000 to Rs 20,000.

Let’s Have A Glimpse Of Pros and Cons of Keratin Treatment

The keratin that makes up most of the parts of hair and nails give it a distinct shine. The artificial keratin put to hair has its own share of pros and cons. Let us look into it:


  • The treatment gives your hair a shinier and bouncy look, which is its main purpose.
  • Hair becomes more manageable till the effect of the treatment lasts.
  • You don’t need to style your hair daily, which means fewer heating agents and styling products will be used.
  • The treatment is highly beneficial for frizzy hair types as it reduces frizz up to a great extent.
  • It gives a very polished look to the person as the hair looks smoothened and frizz-free.


  • Keratin treatment is short-lived as it wears off with each hair wash. The maximum that the treatment can last in your hair is 6-8 months. In some hair types, it starts fading within 4 months.
  • The treatment does not come cheap. It is not extremely expensive but considering its short span; the price seems a bit costly. You may have to shell out more if you have long hair.
  • It does not suit every hair type. If you have less volume of hair, the procedure will flatten it further.
  • The treatment requires extensive post-management care. It includes sulfate-free shampoos, conditioners, and serum. Sometimes, the salon gives the customers these products at a higher price.
  • You cannot apply any homemade or DIY remedy, as it can fade the keratin on your hair.

Side Effects of Keratin Treatment

The solution for the keratin treatment that your salon uses may have formaldehyde in it. Formaldehyde is a concerning chemical that is known to have carcinogenic properties.

This chemical is the reason why side effects occur, if any, in most people. The side effects may range from mild to severe. Let us have a look at those:

  • The solution or the formula, if mistakenly gets into your eyes, can cause irritation, burning sensation, redness, and itching. In severe cases, it may even cause blindness.
  • It may cause skin allergy in some. So be careful during the application of the solution to your scalp.
  • Formaldehyde can cause respiratory issues in some.
  • If you ingest the solution mistakenly, it can cause stomach cramps, nausea, and puking.


For regular use, invest in a good sulfate-free, keratin-infused shampoo that contains more of natural-based ingredients than synthetic ones. You can also try the Wigs and Hairpieces by Bono Hair.

If you are confused about whether to go for a keratin treatment or not, this article will help you in taking the right decision for your hair.

If you have already undergone the treatment, you must follow a proper post-care regimen. You should use serums, conditioners, and Shampoo For Keratin Treated Hair to save it from further damage.

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