Your Leading Organoclay Supplier & Manufacturer in China


Your Leading Organoclay Supplier & Manufacturer in China

Organoclay bentonite has several different names, and we also have its corresponding product name in different application fields. For example, in oilfield drilling, we usually call it organophilic clay ,Suspension agent.

Organoclay in paint coatings, ink grease, and we call it rheological additive | rheology modifier, anti settling agents, anti sagging agents or thixotropic agent.

Organoclay Applications 

Camp Shinning organoclay bentonite in paint coatings should be the longest, most stable and market recognized product in all applications.

Its anti settling performance and anti sagging performance in paint coatings make it possible to avoid sedimentation during long term storage. Thixotropy performance is also very important for paint coatings.organoclay uses are widely,

Organoclay bentonite organophilic clay is applied to oilfield drilling.

As a leading organoclay supplier & manufacturer  in the world, paint spraying can be widely used in oilfield drilling organoclay drilling product aimed.

As a petroleum drilling chemical to meet your drilling needs, our solution aims to help you reduce your production costs and maximize production efficiency.

At present, Camp Shinning’s organophilic clay bentonite has the largest amount applied to oilfield drilling.

Its widely accepted markets are the Russian market, the Canadian market and some South African markets.At present, the export of organoclay bentonite to the Kuwaiti market is also very large.

The most obvious role of  organo clay bentonite in oilfield drilling, especially in the exploitation of fracturing fluid, is to suspend it.

Therefore, many people call it suspension agent, which can also lubricate the drilling bit and prevent the collapse of the borehole wall.

These have played a positive role in the entire oil field exploitation. Therefore, in China, the organophilic clay supplier , Camp Shinning is a leading company and highly professional.

When organo clay bentonite is applied to grease lubricant, adhesive, we must clearly see different base oils, the performance requirements for organoclay bentonite are different, so we always recommend customers to tell us what base oil of your formula is before making an inquiry.

Many customers use vegetable oil, mineral oil, diesel oil or synthetic oil,Camp Shinning have special corresponding organoclay bentonite to provide you with its maximum performance.

At present, organo bentonite is mainly used in cosmetics when it is produced into nail polish. Our CP-27 is an application recognized by the market.

When it is produced into nail polish, its rheological and thixotropic properties are excellent. We also recommend you to use our model. Its polarity is also very moderate.

What is Organoclay?

Organo clay bentonite is modified hectorite organoclay, thickened rheological agent, which can improve viscosity, prevent pigment precipitation and improve the operability of the operation.

It is especially effective when used with alkyd resin coating and oil.Some organo clay bentonite can effectively remove oil in water as a component of paint formulation, or as a bentonite thickener of oil based drilling fluid. Organophilic clay have played an active role.

The product with white powder appearance and good thixotropic and rheological properties is called organoclays bentonite.

Generally, the color of the product is white or yellow. According to different needs and requirements of customers, company provides organo clay bentonite with corresponding appearance color, but in essence, no matter the appearance is white or yellow, there is no difference in the performance.

Only some end products have high requirements for color, especially whiteness, we will specially provide white organobentonite to users.

Organoclays bentonite plays a very specific and obvious role in various application fields. It has good rheological properties, thixotropy properties, anti sagging properties, suspension properties, and the role of protecting well walls.

When used in oilfield drilling, it can effectively prevent well wall collapse.Of course, different types of organobentonites organophilic clay have different capabilities, so our organobentonite are divided into easy dispersed organobentonites and pre gel organo clays bentonite.

Finally, we would like to give you the following suggestions when you choose suppliers and manufacturers of organoclay.

1, We hope that this supplier is ISO certified and has some patents in organoclay | organophilic clay research and development.

2, The organoclay bentonite supplier can provide free samples for your testing, and can provide some guidance on the whole process of your testing.

3, If the supplier has a lot of experience in cooperating with world class customers, it will be very helpful for your cooperation.

4. The supplier of organoclay bentonite should keep complete samples of each batch of organoclay before export and have corresponding batch numbers to track, so that the quality can be tracked later.

5. Finally, it needs to have a real production capacity and manufacturing capacity. Of course, R&D capacity is also very important.

Because there are many exporters in China, who are actually traders, so it is important to identify whether they are real manufacturers & suppliers for your purchase.

We hope the above information will be helpful when you choose suppliers and manufacturers of organic bentonite. For more questions, you can contact us directly.

At present, no matter oil based organoclay bentonite or water based organoclay, we can achieve the maximum efficiency after modified treatment, which can be clearly reflected in rheological properties, universal properties, or anti settlement properties.

After modification, the suspension and viscosity of organoclay bentonite will be added to the coatings. The organic clay is the core component of paint coatings and other emulsifiers. Its role in the entire formula is positive and clear.

 Organoclay is an organophilic bentonite for aliphatic to aromatic base oil greases. The functions is organoclay Thickeners.

If you are very interested in the organoclay price, you can email us directly, because we must base on an actual application environment and purchase volume, and the price of different models of process flow is very different, so we will provide you with the most cost–efective organic bentonite price according to the specific use, and we look forward to your inquiry.

 About the storage of organoclay bentonite.

We suggest that the organoclays bentonite be stored in a dry and cool place. Our bags have a certain moisture resistance of export standards.

If the organic bentonite can be stored in a dry and cool place as required, its basic warranty period will reach about two years.

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Camp Shinning is your professional organophilic clay, organoclay supplier & manufacturer in China. If you are looking for an organoclay supplier, please contact now.

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