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It is particularly proud that Camp Shinning rheology modifier bentonite is used as a very popular chemical additive in the paints,coatings,oil field drilling, grease and ink industry.

It has dual market advantages, both from the quality of the Camp Shinning organophilic clay  itself and its price.

Organoclay for Paints & Coatings

Our organic clay bentonite has effectively played its due rheological and thixotropy in paint coatings. In the long term storage of paint & coatings, our organo bentonite clay can play an anti settlement effect.

At present, the organo bentonite rheological additive, we use in paint coatings, including solvent based organo clay bentonite and water based rheological additive which could be used in water based and oil based coatings respectively.

Organoclay for Grease

 Many famous lubricant manufacturers in the market have purchased a large amount of organic clay bentonite from Camp Shinning and applied it to their grease formulations.

As a grease additive,organo rheology modifier bentonite can make the grease have good thixotropy in the whole formula during production, and its rheological properties and anti settlement performance are also excellent.

The most important is organic bentonite clay, which will have good and stable performance when applied to different base oils of grease.

Organophilic Clay for Oil Drilling Mud

As a highly effective suspending agent, organophilic clay is widely used in the core based drilling fluid, It can effectively prevent the loss of drilling fluid. 

If your base oil is diesel, we will recommend our organophilic bentonite CP982 and CP-2 to you. This is the organic clay bentonite model confirmed by most users, especially in Russia And Kuwait which is widely used.

If your base oil is mineral oil or synthetic oil, we recommend our organophilic clay gelling agent CP992 and CP250A to you. They have a large number of purchases and uses in Canada, the United States and other regions.

In short, your drilling fluid, if the viscosifying drilling fluids are oil based drilling fluids ,invert emulsion fluids,workover fluids,wompletion fluids,casing packs,packer fluids,spotting fluids,So our organic bentonite gelling agent is very suitable for these systems.

Rheology Modifier for Inks

We need to note that our organic rheology modifier can also be used in inks.Whether you are a solvent based ink or a water based ink, we will recommend you the correct model to test.

In terms of general selection orientation, It is similar to the information that needs to be provided when it is applied to lubricating grease bentonite. You need to tell us your base oil, such as diesel mineral oil or synthetic oil, or vegetable oil.

Here we want to list the advantages of our organoclay bentonite, especially its performance.

  1. Good thixotropic property.
  2. Efficient rheological properties.
  3. Perfect anti–ettlement performance.
  4. It has excellent leveling performance.
  5. As a suspending agent, it has excellent suspending property when used in oilfield drilling.
  6. Effective viscosifier and gelling agent | gellant.
  7. Effectively control fluid phase formation loss.
  8. Improve cuttings carrying capacity and monitoring capacity.
  9. Suspend counterweight materials and other solid substances.
  10. Maintain good high temperature stability.
  11. Maintain good high pressure stability.

Our organic clay bentonite is mainly packed in 25kg per bag. Of course, there are customers in North America and the Middle East who require a  package of 50lb per bags, which is 22.68kg per bag.

In general, we can provide customized packaging requirements, such as a package of 500 kilograms or a package of one ton. We can package according to the needs of customers.

Introduction to Suppliers of Organoclay Bentonite

Zhejiang Camp Shinning New Material, a leading manufacturer and supplier of organo bentonite clay in the world, as a well known exporter, has provided high quality thickening rheology agents for many well known enterprises in the world, and its application fields include paint, oil field drilling, lubricants, cosmetics and inks etc.

Camp Shinning has accumulated more than 20 years of experience in the field of organophilic bentonite clay.

At first, the company started with selling organic bentonite clay, and then developed into a comprehensive organic rheology modifier enterprise integrating research, development, production, packaging and sales.

As a leading manufacturer of organobentonite in the world, Camp Shinning is not limited to its past achievements.

We also provide one stop solutions for organo clay bentonite needed for lubricants, sealants, paint coatings, oil field drilling and other chemicals. Our headquarters is located in Zhejiang, China.

Camp Shinning has established a strong cooperative relationship with companies around the world, so that the high quality organoclay bentonite we provide has been unanimously recognized by users in the market.

We have always been at the forefront of the industry, constantly innovating our product quality, constantly helping our users to reduce procurement costs, and constantly providing technical guidance and services in the application field.

Whether you are a dealer or an end user, we will provide matching technical services to support you to effectively complete your project.

We firmly believe in the right way to produce rheological additives, to ensure our quality and the service spirit , and to help our users and our dealers to improve their production efficiency more quickly.

Camp Shinning always puts the responsibility of quality, after sales service and price first. Camp Shinning’s organic bentonite clay has passed the ISO9001 certification, and has obtained some patents in terms of technical products. This is a double affirmation of our production and quality.

We reserve samples for each batch of exported products to ensure that there are channels and ways to track our quality.

We are honored to borrow our long term professional knowledge and experience in organophilic clay bentonite to provide our users and dealers with the most honest and valuable services. Please contact the members of Camp Shinning today.

Finally, we want to give our users a suggestion. When you contact our sales department, please first tell us whether the organoclay bentonite you need is oil  or water based?

The solvent based system we refer to here is our oil base . It can also be generally understood as whether you need Low polarity, mid polarity or highly polar organic clay bentonite.

We are proud to share with our users that our organobentonite has been recognized by most users in the market among the water based coatings. Its most obvious advantage is that it has absolute advantages in quality and price.

In any case, please contact our sales department directly to clarify all your needs and the conditions in your application scenario.

Our sales staff have about 20 years of experience . Their professional and industrial knowledge in the organoclay bentonite industry can help you to efficiently complete your purchase needs.

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