Ysquar3, a top talent in the world of music, gears up to create many more tracks in the near future

Yuvraj Singh Yadav aka Ysquar3

Ysquar3, a top talent in the world of music, gears up to create many more tracks in the near future

We got in touch with him for a quick tête-à-tête to know more about his journey, his music ventures, and more.

Isn’t it surreal to notice the swift rise of a few professionals from across different industries who thrive off of their madness, passion, and commitment to their work?

Well, the world may have been a witness to the rise of too many such talented beings, but all those who choose to do things unconventionally and create an unusual but unique road to success are those who really go forward in becoming the success stories they always wished to be in their niches.

Yuvraj Singh Yadav, aka Ysquar3, is all about this and goes much beyond as a self-made success story in the world of music, emerging as a much-talked-about DJ and producer who has been disrupting the genres of Progressive House and Techno in incredible ways.

We asked him a few questions about his journey, his music ventures, and much more.

When and how did you start your journey in music?

Yuvraj Singh Yadav: I was only 11 when I first fell in love with music and at 13 years, ended up doing my first commercial show.

At 18, I began studying sound engineering. Very soon, I realized what I pursued in music and hence began performing and producing at 18 years.

Yuvraj Singh Yadav

In early 2016, I was already releasing my music and gradually started gaining much love and appreciation. Over time, I realized my inclination toward organic sound, which led me to create in the Techno genre.

When did you realize in your journey, you were on the right track to success?

Yuvraj Singh Yadav: When my journey took a positive turn when in 2020, I released ‘Dhara EP’ as on Stan Kolev’s imprint Outta Limits and Revolt, leading Beatport charts.

I started working on honing my skills in my chosen music genres and created sets that were diverse, shifting between cinematic techno, big emotions, and deeper, introspective moods.

Tell us about your two alter egos.

Yuvraj Singh Yadav: I consider my alter egos as Ysquar3 and Yamaraj. Ysquar3 is growing as a techno label and consists of Sanctum and Yamaraj, including Yamlok, which is a record label specializing in hard tech and industrial music.

For my love for melodic techno, I focus on growing Ysquar3 and Sanctum, and for growing the ecosystem representing hard style, I focus on growing Yamaraj and Yamlok.

“Be My Home,” your latest release, anything on that?

Yuvraj Singh Yadav: Well, just like all my other tracks available on Spotify and other major streaming platforms, “Be My Home” also stands unique.

It creates a vibe of banger beats, heavy sub-bass, and heart-thumping music and sound, which makes listeners feel both euphoric and calming, taking people into the melodic techno space.

What more can people expect from you in the coming times?

Yuvraj Singh Yadav: A lot more, as I believe I have (@ysquar3) just started, and there are many other things that I have planning toward bettering my craft as a rising producer and DJ. Stay Tuned for more!

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