Meet Zaiba Sarang, the entrepreneurial thinker behind iThink Logistics

Ms Zaiba Sarang Co-founder iThink Logistics

Zaiba Sarang, the entrepreneurial thinker behind iThink Logistics

Zaiba Sarang is the Co-Founder of iThink Logistics, one of the most popular logistics aggregation companies in India, covering more than 26,000 pin codes across the country.

Within the purview of her professional role in the organization, her responsibilities entail an omni-corporeal supervision of the operations.

Overall, Zaiba monitors the fluid functioning of all departments while having a vantage view of the holistic development of the organization.

Her entrepreneurial ethos has been inspired and propelled by her education in diverse disciplines. Her perspicacity for technology has been underpinned by her Bachelors in Computer Science from Nagindas Khandwala College.

Polishing her calculated corporate inclination is an Entrepreneurial Studies diploma from the Indian Institute of Management, Bangalore, under the Goldman Sachs Women’s Executive Education Program.

Further fabricating her educational accomplishments is a certificate from the Indian School of Business for successfully completing the Goldman Sachs 10k Women Ambassador program.

Over the years, her astute corporate compass, augmented by her cognizance of technology, has held her in good stead as iThink Logistics was listed under Tech30 Startups of India in 2018 by YourStory.

In her words, Zaiba is a “go-getter” and believes in “never leaving anything to chance.” All her accrued experiential insights have helped her to initiate iThink Logistics, which sits at the intersection of technology and the business ecosystem of logistics.

She envisions driving iThink Logistics in the right direction and inspiring the team at the company to forge a top-notch logistics brand. Zaiba also heads Depasser Infotech as their Chief Operating Officer.

iThink Logistics

A tribe of five friends and fellow entrepreneurs synergized their learnings and lessons from the e-commerce ecosystem to form a trailblazing company in 2017.

The ecosystem of e-commerce taught them one tough lesson – the success of any e-commerce brand depended largely on the logistics and delivery network.

This gave birth to iThink Logistics, a tech-enabled end-to-end AI-enabled multiple courier aggregator shipping platform.

The Mumbai-based company was conceived by a team of ingenious entrepreneurs with a far-sighted vision for the Indian e-commerce market and logistics ecosystem.

Mr. Vipul Yadav as the Founder, Ms. Zaiba Sarang, Mr. Bharat Karotra, Mr. Nikul Dodia, and Mr. Paresh Parmar as the Co-Founders form the core of iThink Logistics.

The pain points that iThink addresses is to simplify the complex framework of e-commerce logistics by creating an AI powered platform that makes online shipping seamless and easy.

Today, the company has an impressive daily volume of 25,000+ shipments, 5000+ satisfied customers, a comprehensive reach to all parts of the country demonstrated by 26,000+ pin codes served, and a global coverage of 180 countries.

iThink logistics as a company is deeply backed by the tech mentality, which is a tenet that establishes an ethos within the company.

The primary factor that defines the company is that we uniquely meld data insight and customer success innovations to create ripples of revolution within the logistics industry like the industry has never seen before.

The novel NDR 6-step action plan is a hallmark of iThink’s advanced offerings to their clients, and we are the only company to have patented it. The pioneering process will reduce customers’ returns and avoid fake comments from couriers.

Our focus is to increase the delivery rate of shipments. With the provision of a dedicated key account manager, there is an impression of human touch to the operability of the software.

The iThink team wants to amend the shortcomings of the logistics industry, especially the huge increase in the high return ratio.

The return ratio for the ecommerce sector is over 30%, with more than half of packages not being delivered attributable to logistics and delivery network inefficiencies.

As a solution to the snag, the company utilizes its innovative AI assistance solution. It is a technological platform for virtual calling that coordinates with all stakeholders in the delivery network.

It establishes a connection between the online vendor, the logistics partner, and the end consumer, allowing for effective shipment tracking.

Creating the perfect juggle between technology and human perception, iThink logistics’ novel key account manager fabricates the system with a dedicated human touch and constant connectivity.

This translates into a hassle free experience for the client as they are just a call away whenever a delivery discrepancy occurs.

The wheel of iThink logistics is on the move, and they are leaving all the issues faced by e-commerce companies in the rear view mirror by being the best tech-enable courier aggregation partner. 


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